I walked home through the frozen time with Alex. I opened the key to my house my dad was watching TV I put a bit of chocolate in his hand because he liked that. My mum was on the phone in the kitchen I put a necklace in her pocket. I went up to my room with Alex.

"What can I learn?" I said

"Well you can learn how to not be detected by cameras because if you get shown on a security camera and one minute your there and the next your not some ones going to be suspicious. That’s why It’s a very affective trick." Alex replied.

"Wow how."

"Well it takes a bit of practice."


"You have to think of the you not being detectable by cameras."

"Wow! can I try!"

"Do you have a camera."

"Yeah” I pulled out a red Panasonic lumix from the draw in my desk and gave it to Alex. “Now think of not being seen, being invisible.”

I closed my eyes and thought of not being there, then I opened my eyes. Alex turned on the camera and he could see me but I didn’t show up on the camera.

“Now to undo it you need to think of being seen on the camera” Alex said. I closed my eyes and thought of being seen. Then I showed up on the camera. “You’re really good, it took me a few trys before I got it right. But don‘t use this trick for bad. O I need to go, bye.” just like that he walked away through the frozen time.

The End

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