Alex, pranks, and cars

Time for some mischief! I had tried time-stopping quite a few times now, and I was sure I could control time rather well. I stopped time, walked over to the nearest Boots store and checked out the lipstick section. I picked a bright red (one pound ninety-nine), that would definitely catch everyone's attention, then I walked out of the shop. Shortly afterwards, I walked back to the shop - time still stopped - and put a two pound coin on the till.

"Thank you!" I said to the silent shop, my voice sounded so much louder in the 'empty' shop than it usually was.

I started Time again when I stepped out of Boots and watched the man at the till make a funny expression when he found a 2 pound coin appear out of nowhere. He looked confused, looked around to see whether anyone had lost any money, then opened the money draw and put the coin in.

I walked over to the park, crossed the road by stopping time and walking past the frozen cars. Everything was so still I almost felt a bit lonely. I walked up to a young man strolling around the park with his girlfriend, they looked like they were arguing about something, I put some lipstick on my lips and gave him a big red smoochy kiss on the cheek. I started Time again, staying at a comfortable viewing distance, and watched the man's girlfriend spot the kiss on his cheek. She slapped him. Hard. It looked really painful. Then she walked away with tears. Uh-oh. I think I just split a couple up. I made Time stop, picked a few daffodils by my feet, and positioned the man's hands so he held it. Time began, the man looked shocked. He saw his girlfriend walking further and further away from him, he saw the daffodils in his hands that weren't there a second ago, then he ran over to his girlfriend and handed her the daffodils. She didn't seem to accept it, because she started walking away again and the man down and sad. Arghh, I thought to myself, I need to be responsible for what I've done. Then I came up with an idea. Stopping Time, I walked to the woman, and whispered that her boyfriend didn't actually cheat on her into her ear. Her face was expressionless and stained with tears. Then I bought some red roses from a nearby flower shop, again by leaving money on the till, positioned them into the man's hand and started Time.

The woman stood still, looking surprised. Did she hear my whisper? The man ran over to her and handed her roses. She hugged him hard, kissed him, and they continued their walk around the park, now happy and calm. Well, I did sort of put their relationship back on track. Sort of.

I felt hungry, so I headed to Co-op, picked a sandwich and paid for it at the till. This time I didn't bother stopping Time. I walked across the road towards the park. A car braked quickly, beeping at me angrily. Sugar! I forgot Time was still running. i instantly stopped Time and walked safely to the park. Everything was still and silent.

 Then suddenly, a boy of my age walked up to me from behind a tree. He was sorta cute, his short brown hair loose and natural. His hazel eyes sparkling with liveliness. Who was he? Was he a time-stopper like me?

"Hi Lizzy," how did he know my name? "I'm Alex, I've been to the Hour Glass Academy for a few years now. I live around here. I just want to tell you that, uh, if you sort of stop time, move things around, then people get a bit suspicious. Just be careful."

He made Time continue. The car owners looked confused, I knew what he meant now. But how could I change what I did?

"I'll wipe their memories, don't worry. At the Hour Glass Academy, you learn about time-removing, which in other words, is basically wiping people's memories."

"Wow! What else?" I asked.

"Hmm, well, you learn to travel in time, but that's alot more complicated than it actually sounds. But I'm sure you'll learn quick and I'll help you."

Afterwards, Alex walked home with me.

The End

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