The next day, I went for a walk in the park to practise my time skills and for a little mischief. I stood under an oak tree, its yellow leaves falling every now and then. I jumped and tried to catch one, but they fell to quickly. Then I closed my eyes and shouted STOP in my head, thinking about nothing but the word STOP. Then time did stop. The leaves froze in mid-air, unusual and out of place.  Bits of water splashed over the pond from pebbles froze. A little girl jumping in the air stayed there, her facial expression still and happy. There was silence. All I could hear was my breathing. I grabbed a leaf, held it head high, and dropped it. It did not move. It remained exactly where I released it. I could put anything anywhere if I wanted! I got seven leaves and made a smiley face in the air, which was exactly how I felt right now. Right now, there was only me in the world. And maybe some other time-stoppers. Only I could move and enjoy this. I closed my eyes again and shouted START in my head, spreading this emotion from head to toe. Suddenly, everything came back to life again. I could hear the cars beeping and braking. The smiley face I arranged in the air dropped like normal leaves. The droplets of water fell back into the pond. The little girl jumping giggled as if nothing had happened. Maybe nothing happened, but only to them.

The End

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