the pack

Three days passed I was so exsited and sad at the same time. One side of me said go, go, go and the other side of me  said stop, stop, stop. I cant deal well under pressor. When some thing pressours me, like the other day. When I feel to the ground after all the visions came back, my head starts hurting and some times I faint but thats just me I guess.

Suddenly my mum called me. I ran down the stairs she was holding some purpul robes, train tickets and a dvd. Me and my mum sat down and watched the dvd it was nice to spend time with my mum. The dvd was good very convincing but that was made up. I knew where I was staying and It was not a fancy place in france, and I was not going on the euro star to France. Suddenly time stoped but the dvd kept going.

The dvd showed me the real place and the real people who lived there. I would be staying with a girl called Jessica and Ruby. There names at the academy where Luafa (pronoce loo-ay-fa, Jessic) Luafa ment protector, and  Ruma that ment helper. In the accddemy they spoke a different lanuage because there were people from all round the world. The language was called zoowan. Luckely all the people in my dorm (luafa and ruma) spoke english. But around the accademy there where people from all around the world. Time came back and the dvd went back to the fake thing. I was going there in 10 days, yay, time for some time stopping pranks.

The End

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