The Boarding School of Languages

I looked outside the window, a woman approached our house and knocked gently on the door. My mum answered it, and asked her to come in.

"Lizzy!" My mum called, "There's someone here to see you! Lizzy!"

"Coming!" I shouted down the stairs, nearly tripping over the landing. I got to the front door and saw the woman. She wore purple robes that I saw at the Hour Glass Academy and her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

"Hello Elizabeth," she said in a light voice, "I am Ruby Stonehurst and I represent the Boarding School of Languages and I am here to offer you a scholarship at our school. Recently, some representitives visited your school and spotted some language talent in you. We are looking for people just like you to join us at our mixed gender school."

"Wow!" My mum replied, "What a surprise! I'm definitely agreeing, this sounds like a fabulous school. It's up to you, honey. You can go if you wish, but I'm not forcing you." She smiled. Then the smile on her face froze. The second hand on the clock stopped ticking. I frowned.

"Don't worry Lizzy," Ruby said. "I'm from the Hour Glass Academy, this is our cover for you coming to our school. Would you like to learn about time with other students like you?" Suddenly, the time came back.

"Sure," I replied.

"Great! " My mum and Ruby said together.

"I will send you a pack in around two or three days explaining dates, uniform, transport, and much more. I hope to see you soon Elizabeth. Goodbye!" Ruby waved.

"Bye!" My mum answered and gave me a big hug, "A scholarship! I'm so proud of you Lizzy! I never knew you were so great with languages!" Then she went to the kitchen.

"Neither did I," I said to myself. Then I went back upstairs.

The End

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