" I can't leave here my friends and family live here you can't just wipe me off the face of the Earth."

"I can you can choose if you were never born, fake murder, wipe everyones memories of you or fake a contract too a fancy school."

"I don't want to do any of those things. I want to go home." Suddenly i was i bed at home but he was still there.

" You're home. If you come with us you can save the world. Remeber those dreams when you were little." I looked at him strangley "You are specail you saved the world when you were 5 and I made you think it was a dream. I've always been here waiting for this day. You have been choosen you can use your power like you did, today time stopping. You never thought you could control when time stopped or started but you can, you have it in you."

"Let me get this straight. I saved the world before."

"Yes and you'll do it again."

"And if i don't"

"The world will be destroyed. The world lies in your hands now."

"hmm, if you fake me going to a fancy bording school can i still meet up with my parents and friends, right."


"Ok I'll fake that. But don't I need a talent more real to go to a fancy school."

" I've look at your school work millions of times and languages you pick up so fast. I'll fake a school for the gift of languages." Just like that he went and time started again i got out of bed my head ached. It was still 4:34 every thing was now moving I felt like useing my power because I want to control It because I never could in the past and I did it once and I want to do it again. I used all my mind time stoped I picked up the bird froozen in midair I put it on my desk but I didn't know how to get time back. I was stuck. The longest I had been stuck in time was 24 minutes. I hoped the old man would come I got bored so I reached out my window and picked up another bird the i closed the window and put it next to the other bird. I loved picking up the birds. But at the moment I wished I knew how to control time. After 43 minutes time came back and the birds looked confused It was 4:36 now. Finally I heard a knock on the door I opened my window one bird flow out I saw a young man by the door with a suit case i guessed it would be him some how, or another time stopper I shut the widow and stayed in my room. The bird found a packet of maltisers. It had been 29 minutes and it felt like an hour and then I heard my mum and dad say "Lizzy these a man here too talk to you." 

The End

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