When I woke up, I was in a clean room. I felt like I was in the hospital and the first thing that came to mind was having a drink. A glass was on my bedside table, and I reached out for it. But as I tried to get the glass, it moved away from me. It took me a few more tries before I realized that the glass will just keep moving away from me and my attempts are in vain.


Suddenly, I became aware of an old man standing at my room’s door. “You could stop time, you know,” he said. “Then you’ll have your drink.”


I recalled that I had been led into what seemed to be a school for time-stoppers. I couldn’t believe what was happening.


“Well?” the old man said. I tried to stop time. My head hurt, and I felt more thirstier than ever, but to my surprise, the glass stopped. I reached out to it slowly and took a cool drink.


“You have to make a choice now,” the old man said. “Do you want to know how to use that power better, or do you want to stay unknown in the world you once was in?”


I could say I was definitely confused.

The End

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