Time stoped there was a boy there still moving it was wierd. I spoke "How.... what.... you.... your... moving?"

"So are you." He said he sounded cold, no emoction in his voice he acted like it was so normal. " Your not alone, your not the only one who moves when time stops."

"What... really i .. " I felt like such a fool he could act cool and I was speechless I never useally go speechless I'm useally talking all the time but I was to shoked to speak.

"Come with me" He stood up and we walked together down to maple wood. I love maple wood so many memories  I remeber time stopped in there once but all I remeber is lights bright lights and going back to my mum and her saying "You look a bit dizzy lets go home." We walked some more I finally got back to reallity and I wasn't speechless anymore "Can you control when time stops?" He turned around sharply like I've done something wrong. I wandered if he was always like this so cold. "Yes, I can and you will to" He turned back around.

We carried on walking until we got to a willow, visions came back of the time when time stoped I remeber running though the leaves of the willow tree. He opened the leave like a curtin we steped though it was so wierd once mintuit i was in maple wood the next i was in a wierd orange sky wood.

there where people whereing purpul robes. there was a plate like thing there was an hour glass engraved in it. the people where all stood around it speaking a wierd language. my brain started to hurt more vision came back i was here before. an old man came towards man a vision came into my head he was there when i was young he lifted a staff and made me lose my memory and all i could remeber was the lights. "hello lizzy this is hour glass academy for the timely gifted" i fell on the floor my head hurt to much i was in so much pain. too much pain. 

The End

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