when time stops, i stay

i suppose I've gotten use to it i learn to live with it. its fun sometimes. i wish i new how to. its a gift though i geuss.

I suppose I've gotten used to it. The years have passed and no one knew, no one but me. I believe it's a gift, my gift that no one else has. I wish I knew how to control it, but it just happens I guess. I was born special, my gift is that I keep moving when time stops. I love it sometimes, like when time stopped time in lesson. I drew a beard on the teacher and he didnt notice and me and my friends laughed all lesson. I acted all "who did that?" and they dont know, I don't want them to. Some times it's bad, like once I was in R.E. We had an annoying supply teacher who annoyed me so much for telling me off for sharpening my pencil without asking even though it was the sharpeners which the shavings go into. Luckily time stopped, and I was so pleased I ran up to her and put the pencil shavings on her head. I never know when time is going to come back so just as I put them on her head, time came back and she gave me a detention. It's annoying when I'm in the middle of something and time stops but thats me, Lizzy Stanton, twelve year old time stopping madness!


The End

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