The First Conversation

"T-thanks. R-right, ermm... if you want anything to eat or drink j-just go to the kitchen and help youself. There should be food and stuff in there," stuttered Ever, "a-and it looks like we might be here for a while, so if you want a sleeping bag j-just ask."

Ever smiled and nodded as the rest of the people in the hall started to talk amongst themselves once again. Ever sighed and slowly backed out of the hall and into the kitchen. She opened a cupboard to find it empty, but then she remembered. Her mother had taken all the glasses home to get them washed properly. Her mother had told her that if she wanted a drink there were spare glasses in a box on top of the cupboards. Ever looked up and saw the box that must contain the glasses that her mother was on about. She reached up to try and get the box, but couldn't reached. She tried to jump and reach it but that didn't work either so she searched the room for a stepladder. Or anything that she could use to climb on, but there was nothing. Not even a chair. Ever sighed and slumped again the counter and buried her head in her hands.

"Need any help?" asked a voice so beautiful it made her tingle.

Ever looked up to see the boy that had spoken in the hall and again just then. He was beautiful. He had short black hair that was casually spiked up and big round eyes that sparkled like a million stars. Ever stared and couldn't stop. She had never seen anyone like him before. She opened her mouth and tried to talk but nothing came out. All she did was look at the box on the top of the cupboard, hoping that the boy would understand, and he did.

The boy walked over so that he was just a few inches away from Ever and reached up to get the box. Ever could smell him. His cologne heavenly. Her heart skipped a beat as the boy spoke again.

"There you go, Ever. Do you need any help with anything else?"

Ever shook her head," No, thats all. D-do you want a drink of water or something?"

Ever's heart raced. She couldn't believe that she was actually having a conversation. A conversation that she will treasure forever, even though its not at all interesting.

"No, I'm ok thanks," replied the boy while giving a cheeky smile to Ever.

Ever shyly smiled back and turned away and started to empty the box of its glass contents.

"Are you sure you don't want a drink. I'm sure we have some pop somewhere. And if you don't mind me a-asking, b-but whats your name? Are you n-new around here?" stuttered Ever.

But there was no reply. So she slowly turned around to see if the boy was still in the room, but when she discovered that the boy had ran from the room she felt her heart drop. She really thought that she could find something out about this new boy. The one that she has never seen before. The one with the magical voice so full of power.

The End

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