Shattered Wing

"A pair of wings were made to fly. If those wings are clipped, there is no place to go. Freedom is constrained. I lost my wings. Now I must search and find the feathers to be free again."


You are a devil. That was a voice that I heard in my head. Who are you? What would you want with me?

Dear Rainie, your heart has shattered into many pieces. You don't have the ability to trust anyone anymore, am I correct? You are lost in this world with no where to go.

How would you know such a thing? How are you in my mind? I had no idea. Maybe this was my conscious speaking to me.

Rainie, there is a place called hell as you have heard of. That place is a paradise. Everything that you have known about it were lies. You are a civilian there.

Hell? Wait... what is going on? I'm a human. Not a devil.

Oh no. You are a devil. Your wings have been shattered into little pieces. With the feathers are the pieces of your past and parts of yourself. You forgot about everything that happened back then. But we want you back. Come back to us Rainie.

Wait... so you are telling me to go and find my feathers are you not? This is really cliche like those fairytales and anime that never come true.

Oh that's what you think. But I don't necessarily mean that you have to go and search for feathers. What I would like you to do is look deep into your heart and uncover your possibilities. Find again that ability trust and believe.

Uh huh... and how will I do that?

Just live on like usual. Live with meaning. I shall help you along the way so you can ask all the questions you would like.

Fine. Then my first question is... why me? Why do you choose to help me and not the other people around me? I'm not special at all. In fact, I am the last person expected to receive help.

Oh you are special in many ways. You just have to find it.

All the answers you give relates to finding stuff. Is that my goal?

Yes. Your goal for now, is to find your lost heart. The lost feathers to your wings. The key to your freedom.

And so my search began. And my mind will soon come to develop even more cliche stories to tell. I don't even know why I bothered to listen to this voice, but I felt that there was a meaning behind these series of events...

The End

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