My Philosophy

"This world is only made from your imagination. None of it is real. The people here have no mind. The only one consious is you. You are the creator. You are God."

Author's Note: This way of thinking is not meant to insult any religion or culture. This is written just for the story.


What is life? What is the point of living? Will anyone remember me when I'm gone? What happens when I die?

Is this world real? Is everyone like me? Can they think and communicate? Or are they all puppets being controlled by a mastermind?

Am I real? I might be a puppet too. We might all be the characters within someone's story. Maybe this is magic. Maybe we were just living in someone else's mind.

I begin to doubt the truth of my existance. Why am I here? Why am I born?

I contemplate all of this while I was walking on the streets one day. In many of the stories that I have read, there were two parts of your conscience: an angel and a devil. The angel is the pure and innocent creature that leads you on to accomplish "good" deeds. The devil is the monster that haunts you to lead you into "hell" or "bad" influence.

What exactly is good and bad? Is there really a difference? There are many people in this world. The more people there is, the more of a variety there is about the idea of "good" and "bad".

And so... what if everything that we did were the opposite of what it really was supposed to be? What if the devils were actually the ones that were good? The angels would be the bad one then.

Anime became a really big influence to my thinking. Anime brought about a new kind of fantasy and imagination for me. Saving the world and having magical powers attracted to me. I was enchanted by these possiblilities that I could have. I mean... the stories revolved around teenagers. I have my years to go. These things might happen to me.

And so... as I was walking down that street, I heard a voice. I thought, "Ah. This must be someone out there speaking to me, wanting my help."


A long time ago, the Earth was nonexistance. There was the God and the Devil. The two of them built the world day by day, each introducing a new object into the universe. The last one created were the humans.

The Devil was really angry. Humans, it said, would one day destroy the world. They're are creatures that the paradise didn't need. But God ignored him and humans were born. The last gift that the Devil gave to the world, the gift of hopes, was supposed to be the key to change the world.

And so... the world evolved and changed into the industrialized economy that we know today. It was fortold that the world will end soon, and there was nothing that anyone can do about it.

The End

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