The Last Straw

"It might not seem very effective, but just one word can change a person's way of thinking. Just one little push, and they fall into a bottomless abyss."


"Hey Rain."

"Can you please not call me that?" I looked at the guy standing in front of me.

He was Robert. He was considered the bully of the school. He didn't really have much of a goal in school at all. He just fooled around in class all day, a typical goofer. He didn't really care about what the teachers say. When he gets into trouble, he would whine about it only to repeat the same procedure over and over.

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day."

"Okay, Robert. Can you please stop doing that?" I strengthened my voice, but it still sounded weak.

"Aww... okay." He gave a smirk and then sat back down in his chair. Then he raised his hand.

"What is it Robert?" the teacher looked annoyed.

"I heard it was going to rain tomorrow. Does that mean that Rainie won't be in school?" Everyone laughed at the joke.

At the beginning, I took no heed of what he said. I mean he did that to everyone too. So I ignored it and kept on going with my life.

Until the time when everyone catches up with the program and calls me Rain instead of Rainie.

This name calling and bullying (that I don't even want to describe to you) became the last straw to my depressions. It made the sadness in me start to build up. And this is how it all started. The wonderful "friends" I had during junior high school.

I started crying myself to sleep every night. The comforts of the silence turned into utter nightmares. I was scared to close my eyes. I was scared to be alone. This world was not real. It might all be a fantasy...

Every night I would dread the beginning of the next day. I would dread the start of school and the meeting of those people. Oh the horrors of knowing what is in store for you. And to think that there is still a year to go before I can leave this place.

With the introduction of anime, and the saddness building up inside, I shall beginning my tale of my philosphy and my little family...


Author's Note: From the next chapter on, fantasy is incorporated. None of the fantasy  is real. It all happens within the mind of Rainie. The philosophy is not meant to insult any race and culture. This is written just for the story.

The End

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