Who Are You

"Maybe things would have turned out better if I was oblivious to everything around me. Knowing too much could bring one to despair."


Around a week has past since my arrival to the new school. There wasn't much going on and I didn't really participate much in any of the conversations between my other classmates. Things were going... smoothly.

"Hey." A girl walked up to me with a smile. "Your name is Rainie right?"

I gave a slight inclination to my head. "You're Jessica, right?"

"Would you like to be friends with me?" She took a seat right next to me.


A friend. My first friend in school. Oh how happy I was. Well we got along. We had quite a few things in common, and we were always able to strike up conversations on the spot. It took me a year. I began to realize it in 7th grade. Everything that she said to me were lies.

From the very first words that she said to the very breath that she uttered to me were lies. None of them were true whatsoever.

We decided one day that we should hang out. She promised me that she would be there at ten o'clock sharp. When I waited for her for two hours, she never showed up. When she finally decided to pick up the phone, she told me that she forgot aout the whole situation.

She would help me in many subjects. However, everything that she explained to me were false answers. She then decides to tell me that she didn't really understand the topic either so she told me the wrong things. These things I would easily look over because I mean... everyone does that.

But I didn't come to see that it was very repetitive. She also pretends to have a bad memory when it comes to people's names to prove that she actually watched the movies, or read the books I recommended to her.

I begin to think... why? Why does she do these things to me? When I look over at her behavior with other people, she is fine. She remember things, and actually shows up on time. And she is actually a very smart girl who understands everything.

Then I begin to wonder... Is everyone else the same? Do they all lie to me? Thinking too hard, I begin to develop my own philosophy. I begin to doubt everything that is said to me. What is this world? What is my point of being here? Will anyone notice if I disappear one day?

These questions were the beginning of my messed up mind. The mind that will continue to wander in darkness...

The End

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