When the Tears Fall Down

There are many things that happen in everyone's lives. Yet not all of it contains happiness. Sometimes, one must feel the dispair to actually understand true happiness. This is the story of a girl that finds that happiness with the help of her close friends that she thought never existed.

"There can never be a time in your life when you are truely happy, but there are times when you feel that nothing can stop you from trying to become who you really are. Thank you for bring me to that point. I owe it to all of you."

Author's Words: Hey guys. This story is a tribute to thank all of my friends who helped me in my life. They have brought me far away from the depth of depression showed me the wonders that I have in life. I will never forget them and I will keep on moving forward on the road that they opened to me. I hope that all of you can also realize that there is more than what you see each day. Everything will turn out okay as long as you believe in it. Thank you for all the support that you have given me and I will continue to write for all of you!

Special thanks to a special someone. ^^ I hope we can continue to be together.

The Beginning of Horror

Thinking back, I have no idea when it began. Before I knew it, I was already standing there in my own little world. How should I begin this tale of mine? It's the tale that made me realize that there was more to life than what was in front of me.


Junior high school. That was where it all began. When I took the specialized test to see which school I would be able to go to, I ended up in the best zone school there was for me. I was consent with that though I was sure I could do better and go the best junior high school in the region.

Well, my parents didn't like it. They knew I could've done better. They thought that the course that I got into the school for was a horrible one. It wasn't even an honors class.

And so... I had to go to a new school. Well sure, I mean the only bad thing was that I had to try and make new friends. New faces to see and new things to learn about. Maybe it wasn't going to be that bad. I relunctantly agreed to the decision and went to a private school in the district.

Now this is the image that my parents had about a private school:
It was a quiet place with very few students. The students can be closer to the teachers that way and get to know them better. The students were supposed to be more docile and understanding, as well as smarter. In addition, the course curriculum was apparently higher than a normal public school.

This image that my parents had didn't sound that bad at first. Well of course, everything sounds better than what it seems.

First day of school:
Oh the terrors. Well, many things surprised me. The image that my parents gave me was totally ruined. This was not the school that I wanted to go to.

The school had preschoolers all the way to junior high students. There was only one class per grade. That really limits the size of the school to around maybe three hundred students? What I didn't know was that the students that were in my class already knew each other because they already progressed through the grades together. I didn't know any of them and I felt left out.

The schedule that I am supposed to be following is very weird and different from a public school. For two periods each day, our class will be rotating with the other classes to have different teachers. I have no right to judge anything yet since I am still new there, but I had no idea exactly how bad it was going to be...

The End

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