When the sun goes down.

A girl named Alexis goes to her friend's cottage for part of the summer when an unexpected visitor arrive's and take's her on an adventure.

It was the start of june and I was going to my friend Mike's cottage that I go to every year but only this time he brought a friend. I noticed him as i was driving up to the marina with my family. Instead of one kid coming out of the car there was another. His blonde hair was swept in front of his face and his eyes were a pale blue, his lips were a pinkish colour. But of course I hadn't known what he was like at all, I mean he could be a complete jerk. I went to go and give Mike a great big hug he has blue eyes and straight brown hair that goes to one side he is thirteen. "I am so happy to see you."Mike smiled. "It's good to see you too."He turned around to introduce his friend. "This is Jake." He put a smile on his face. "Hey." I hesitated to examine his face just a little bit more. "Hey." I giggled a little as i said it. I hope he doesn't take me for a giggly boy crazy chick. although he was pretty cute. But behind us was Mike who looked a little  uneasy. "Okay let's get on the boat and get to the cottage." I looked at Jake and smiled,  turned around and went to go and help my sister with getting all of the luggage out of the car.

"So who is that ?" She said in a "oh is Alexis in love ?" kind of voice."Mike brought a friend." My sister is fifteen and just love's to get on my nerve's Her name is Christine but I call her chris, she has brown hair and dark blue eyes and  pale skin and i make fun of her for that whenever she does something like what she just did. "Oooo he is cute ha ha ha." She nudged me in the side "Shut it pasty." I said "At least i don't look like i just dived in a pool of flower. I was pretty tanned i had grey eyes and dirty blonde hair it was really curly I was twelve years old and my name is Alexis. "You did not just say that short stuff."My sister looked like she was going to pounce. We started wrestling and forgot about what we were supposed to be doing. "Girls stop and come get the luggage." Our mom was the type of mom where she didn't really care what we did unless it was safe in other word's our mom rock's. I mean she is the reason that I am here, Mike's mom and my mom are best friend's Mike's mom's name is Mary she is also alot of fun to be around, her husband's name is Ethan he's pretty cool too .

We call my dad mister safety rule's because he is always making sure that my sister and I are safe at all time 's of the day but if he didn't care if we were safe that would be much, much worse. He took most of the luggage  and got my sister and I back on track. We took all the luggage on to the boat and as that parent's were doing that Mike and Jake came over to me and my sister and Mike said. "So what's the first thing that we are going to do when we get to the cottage ?" I looked at Jake and he looked at me. "Let's go tubing first." My sister blurted out."Okay well that's an idea, Jake ?" He turned to Jake who was still looking at me and nudged him. "JAKE!" I giggled a little again.

"What ?" He turned to Mike who was giving him a stupid look. "What do you want to do first when we get there ?" Jake put his head down to think. "Umm, well we could just get to know each other before we go tubing or something ?" Mike gave him another stupid look. "What does that mean ?" Jake looked at me again. "Kid's it's time to go." And right then i knew that this was the start of my most treasured adventure.

The End

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