When the Soul Speaks

Sometimes it takes losing everything you thought you needed to gain everything you ever wanted. -Mandy Hale

"Sometimes God will take things due to our selfishness. He also takes things so we can grow for better things to come. 

Our plans fall apart so God's plans can fall together. I'm impressed as your wisdom steadily grows. 

All we can do is trust Him with the future because we belong to the day. Time only moves forward; that's why we have to cherish each moment. 

People who take these gifts for granted don't respect life which results in them living shallow lives. Your spiritual views are inspiring and they will impact many. 

Mutual respect to you, the lady who walks upright with integrity.

We have character that sets us apart from others which makes people curious and attracted to us.

Average minds wouldn't receive what you have to say due to their lack of understanding in the presence of a queen who has an abundance of wisdom. Gifted beyond what most can conceive. 

I'm grateful for your blessing.

Stay focused on your journey to greatness. 

Give no one the satisfaction of seeing you give up.

Keep going, it'll all be worth it. 

I do what I do for you to help ensure that you succeed. 

"What would happen if I don't help her?" I refused to let reality answer that for me. 

I needed you to see me as I am.

You believed in me, and still do, so out of my gratitude, I continue to invest in you the best I can.

It's surreal for me to know someone of your stature, but you prove your authenticity daily. 

The more I talk with you, the more I find myself blessed beyond measure.

Thank you for all of your acts of grace, and all of your passionate words of courage and life. 

Through you, I have come to know God better. 

I feel like a different man every day because He is changing me that much so I thank Him for the one He sent. 

People can adorn a queen with all the finest jewelry that they wish, but you have adorned yourself with divine jewelry crafted by your unique spirit. 

You've forged your crown from things unknown to this world, so wear it with honor and sit in your throne with confidence. 

The people see you, and admire you. Embrace your reign, because the people are here at your service, Queen. 

I gain so much from you.

All these beautiful things come through selflessness.

I pay it forward so I can continue to raise the standard for you so that through this, you will continue to grow. I do this because I want you to be better than me, excel more than me, and serve better than me. 

I have faith that you will continue and fulfill our mission. 

I give my last to those I care about. 

You defined mutuality beautifully, but it's more magnificent how you live it. 

Your actions are so much deeper than your words. 

You've opened my eyes to the new mutuality that I've never experienced nor even heard of. 

It's simply amazing to watch and listen to you; your growth is alluring beyond resistance. 

As time only progresses, so do you. 

Negativity disciplined me and heightened my awareness of the goodness you possess. 

I'm in awe of you; you walk in truth and you represent truth because God is the truth that dwells within you. 

It's fascinating how God is using you by speaking through you. 

Every word you speak holds truth and it was delicately worded due to your faith in Him. 

I am blessed to know you. 

Mutuality at its finest. 

History is being written. "


The End

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