Receding Reality (II)

                                             What was I thinking, coming down here on my own, after what happened this morning? I must be insane! I’m getting the Hell out of here.

                                               Izzy turned to start towards the locker room door, and her heart leapt into her throat as she heard voices. She quickly realized that there it was still lunch time, and it was only two girls that had come down to get things from their lockers.

                                                Becky and Sarah, two girls that Izzy knew were in her P.E. class, but who never spoke to her, were chatting away at their lockers at the other side of the room.

                                                 Izzy backed into the corner, behind her locker. It was at the end of the row, and those girls would never see her there. Becky used to be Lauren’s best friend until Secondary School. Izzy wasn’t sure if they even talked at all anymore.

                                              “Be careful down here, Sarah,” Becky was saying with a giggle. “There are ghosts around, you know.”

                                              Sarah scoffed. “It’s plumbing noises, Becks. The banging, and thefootsteps, as they’re called. It’s all to do with messed-up pipes.”

                                            “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

                                            Sarah giggled. “Did you see Isabelle’s face when she was telling Halligan the spirits were speaking to her?”

                                              Izzy’s heart dropped to her knees. She sank to the floor and pulled her knees to her chin.

                                              “Ugh. I know,” said Becky.

                                              “Lauren can’t be dragged away from that kid these days. It’s a bit lesbian-looking if you ask me. What ever happened between you two anyway?”

                                          “Me and Lauren?” Becky’s voice dripped with disgust.

                                         “Yeah! You two were like best friends, weren’t you?”

                                          “You’re going into ancient history there, Sarah.”

                                              Izzy had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She wished she’d eaten now. But she didn’t want to get up now. Not until Sarah and Becky were gone.


                                             She winced and looked to the ceiling as their was a knocking. Sarah and Becky’s conversation was cut short.

                                           “Did you hear that?”

                                            Izzy wanted to get up and run out of there, leaving nothing but a trail of cartoon dust. But she didn’t want to look like a wimp and a psycho in front of Sarah and Becky.

                                             “I’m telling you, Becks. It’s plumbing.”

                                               Izzy covered her head with her arms as footsteps started to creep over her head.Oh God.They came to a creaking halt just above her head.


                                               Running now, they headed towards Sarah and Becky’s side of the room.

                                              “Sarah, why the Hell is the plumbingrunning towards us?” shrieked Becky.


                                              The pair of them screamed. Izzy pulled her arms tighter around her head, trying to block out the sounds.


                                               It was calling her Izzy now? How did it know..? How much more did this thing know about her?

                                            “Stop!” she cried. “Go away!”

                                            “Izzy? Izzy, it’s me!”

                                             Izzy dropped her arms. Lauren was stooped in front of her, eyes wide in horror. Izzy stared back at her. The locker room was quiet now. No screams, no footsteps, no whispering voices.

                                           “What happened to Sarah? And Becky?” she asked, panicking.

                                             “They ran out screaming their heads off,” said Lauren, with what may have been a very small grin. “Not near as loudly as you were screaming in here though! Are you okay?” she asked, leaning in to give her a hug.

                                               Izzy nodded, but as soon as she was in Lauren’s arms, she started to shake all over.

                                              “It was saying my name, Lauren. I swear.”

                                               Lauren’s lack of response was more than enough to confirm Izzy’s suspicions. She was hearing it in her head. She was losing it.

The End

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