When the man saw Kangakicken

A short story written by me in year 7, 2007

It was evening and the moon was already raised, covering the vast landscape in a spectacular pale shade of blue, causing the eerie feeling around the town centre.  There were no words to describe it. No one spoke. Slowly out of the silence crept a steady rhythm that sounded like a thousand feet marching, marching and marching never stopping. The sound was louder and clearer now however it had changed in to a thumping noise coming faster and closer, faster and closer. By now the villagers had woken up to come outside to hear what the peculiar noise was. Suddenly One man remembered a story his grandfather had told him a long time ago. It had been dark and the villagers had heard the same noise as the man was hearing now. Then suddenly out of the darkness came a wild monster it destroyed everything in sight its breath was fire it had one small weakness. It left nothing but a trail of ruin. It bounded off into the night and was never seen again. But that was 25 years ago. However the man shouted something and so hearing this all of the villagers met in a great huddle in the town centre. There was a lot of whispering and a few squabbles quickly halted by the man. Every one ran into their homes only the men came back out. When the men had returned they brought swords. The last of them to go in to his shack was the man. He still hadn’t returned. All but some of the men went into the shack only to find on wall burnt to ashes and the man lying on the ground. His face was frozen in fear. He had been paralysed. The left side of the man’s face was covered in wet dripping ruby red blood. There was a roar and all of the men looked up to see the fierce kangakicken looming above them. It spoke three words ‘It has begun’, and leapt away.

When the man woke up he saw the women of his village around him. However they swirled and defocused so he was lulled into a deep sleep.

He was in white mist and he couldn’t see far however he seemed to be moving. Someone or thing seemed to be coming towards him. It was a person and the man thought that he looked familiar .The person was talking about some sort of great warrior whilst pointing at the man. Suddenly it vanished and the man felt that he was wet. ‘Awe’ He said as he leapt from the bed ‘what was that for?’ questioningly. ‘Wakey, wakey’ said an annoying looking girl throwing away her now empty bucket. ‘You’ve been asleep for 3 days now don’t you think that’s maybe enough for anyone.’ She continued. ‘How about doing some good old getting up, Dummy!’

‘Uhh, Where am I’ said the man. ‘Well that’s an original line’ laughed the girl sarcastically. But it ended quickly when she noticed some odd markings down the man’s arm. The man followed her gaze and quickly slipped his hand under the cover.                 He had to get out of here, but how and when? His ears homed into a conversation outside his room.

‘He’s odd that one, I heard he was brought in from the village beyond the first dune’, said a voice. ‘Yeah he’s a dangerous character’ answered another.

Now it was definite, he had to get out of here! The man requested a drink. as soon as the girl had gone. He leapt out of bed broke though the wall and ran off never to be seen again.

The End

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