Silenced Heart

I was getting worried. It had been a week and a half and there was still no sign of Gwen. No phone calls, no ims, nothing.

Then, finally on Friday, my phone rang with her ringtone sounding, "Oh Gwen, I've been getting so worried. I-"

"This isn't Gwen. It's her mother."


"Look Gwen hasn't said a word, not even a sound in weeks. When we took her to the hospital and she was faced with so many needles and a gyneacologist, not a peep. Just silent tears."

"Ouch," I blatantly and stupidly responded.

"And we think you can get her to talk."


"You're probably closest to her than anyone else. Therefore you have the best chance."

"I suppose," I finally agreed.

"Well we just dropped her off in your driveway. Good luck."

I couldn't believe it. Gwen's parents actually wanted us to hang out? I walked out the front door and sure enough there stood Gwen. "Gwen!" I cried. She turned slowly and gave me a slight smile and wave. I ran up towards her, "How are you?"

She then gave me the look, the look that tells me whatever question I just asked was a stupid one. I laughed, "Yeah you're probably right. So you want to come in now?" Gwen nodded and I allowed her to go in front of me.

Unfortunetly though, my dog had to be difficult. He immediatly began jumping up on Gwen, who would usually laugh with this predicament, now just smiled warmly. "C'mon Bud don't do this. Not now." I managed to shove the at-the-time annoying beast out of the way and open the basement door to allow Gwen to pass and begin down the stairs.

"So how was your day Gwen?" I asked as we took a seat on my couch. It was sort of like the previous question, only more specific. She stuck her tongue out in digust. "Awww why?" I opened my hand beside hers and she gladly placed her hand in mine.

She gave me the look again, but this time I didn't get it, "What do you mean? Gwen, I don't know what happened that would make your life so miserable." I have her a begging expression, hoping something would be said, "Gwen," I laid my hand on her cheek, "Just tell me what happened."

By that time her eyes were shimmering with unfalling tears, making her eyes seem even bluer. She seemed to think for a minute, only to quickly shake her head, "Why not?" I murmured, "Is it Jake?" I pressed, "What did he do to you that Saturday?" I moved closer to her, putting my other hand on her cheek so her face was between my hands, "Please just a sentence....just a word!"

Apparently, Gwen had enough. She put her hands on my chest and shoved me away, then running over to sit in the recliner a couple feet away. "Gwen?"  I quietly murmured. She didn't respond; she just stayed curled on the recliner. I knew Gwen was crying though because her shoulders shook every now and then. It was like seeing those tortured animals from places where they were abused and though you know those poor puppies are in such pain, they never make a sound.

"Gwen? Look I'm sorry about pushing you like that," I caught her glancing at me, so I continued, "It's just...your parents wanted me to get you to talk and I also want to know what happened. But we need to give you more time. Forgive me?"

Gwen hesitated, but then walked back to the couch and took a seat in my lap as I laughed, "It seems I understand your silence just as well anyway." I gave her a kiss on the cheek, "I mean, say something with motions."

She comically scratched her chin as if in deep thought before snapping her fingers, "You got something?" She nodded then began by putting her index fingers and thumbs together to form a heart, setting it on her chest. Then she pointed at me.

I understood immediatly, "Gwen," I whispered, "I love you too."

The End

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