When the Freebird is Caged

"Nolan I promist I'll be fine." I repeated to him for probably the fifthteenth time, "Jake has told me so many times now that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore."

"I know but-"

"And I'm strong. I'll make it out alive."

"I hope so. Just please don't let him try anything." I rolled my eyes though Nolan couldn't see the action, "Ok Mom," I laughed, hearing his laugh through the phone, "Have fun Gwen."

"Oh I will," I joked sensually, which caused another bout of laughter.

"I'll tell you all about it then. See ya."

*      *      *     *

So all we had done was pig out on food. Now Jake and I were just laying on his bedroom floor talking about nothing. I smirked from the idea that just popped into my mind, "Jake?" truth or dare?" I sat up and leaned against his bed as he gave me a strange glance, "What?"

"You heard me, truth or dare?"

"Truth." I thought for a second before asking, "If you could date anyone in our school, besides Emma, who would it be?"

Jake thought for awhile before laughing, "You know I don't really know. Sophie maybe?" I laughed along with him, but I was frankly surprised. Not me? For once he wasn't pining for me? It seemed like a miracle. "Okay truth or dare Gwen."

I was still on a little happy adreneline rush about Jake not wanting me anymore so I said dare.

"Kiss me." My smile immediatly faltered on my face, "What?"

"You heard me.

I quickly ran through the situation in my head. I mean, he just told me he doesn't like me, so it probably wouldn't mean anything. He's probablu just curious, like any normal human. "Okay," I cautiously agrred as I began walking towards him, "But only a quickie."

"Whatever." So I closed my eyes, leaned in and...

*     *     *

I was iming friends of mine, getting irritated by Mike, wondering if Gwen was having any fun, whn my cellphone rang. It was Kacy, probably asking about Gwen and I being able to go to a movie with her, "Look Kacy, I don't know-"

"Nolan you gotta get to my Mom's...now!"


"I don't know, but Gwen is randomly here and she won't say a word. She was apparently over at Jake's and....I think...." Kacy's silence whispered out of the phone like cold black night.

"Nolan, your-" I hung up on Kacy by that time, "Mom!" I yelled up the stairs, "We gotta go to Kacy's....now."

*     *     *     *

"Oh thank god you're here Nolan," Kacy began as she lead me towards Gwen, "For the time that's she's been here she's just laid in my bed unmoving. And that's nothing like the real Gwen." Kacy opened her bedroom door, me nodding in agreement from her statement, "Well here she is. I must warn you that she's in some sort of pain, though she hasn't cried out once. Not a peep has come out of Gwen."

I quietly walked towards the bed where Gwen laid, hood over her head with her back facing us, "Gwen?" I murmured, "Wha-what happened?" It was one of those times that you really want to know, but at the same time you don't. I didn't want to hear about Gwen's possible pain that her best friend caused her.



"Gwen, do you want to say anything?" I asked while taking a seat on the bed. I saw her shake her head to the side. Yes! Some progress. "Why?"

Silence. Dammit.

"It's Nolan Gwen," I took hold of her hand, slightly surprised when she didn't let go, "Just look at me." I plead.

She slowly turned her head towards me and soon the expressive blue eyes that Gwen owned locked with mine, allowing me to truly know how much pain she was really in.

I shot off the bed, losing grip of Gwen's hand and running out of Kacy's house, "Where's that ba*****?! I'm going to run over there and kill him!" Kacy was soon there to try and hold me back, "Nolan be reasonable. You don't even know what he did. At least focus on Gwen right now." I stopped struggling against Kacy's arms, "You're right."

"Now you should probably take her home, though I'm not sure what you should tell her mom."

I shrugged, "I'll tell her mom the truth that's all."

So then, with Gwen silently in tears burried in my arms, I stood at her house, my mom ringing the doorbell. Gwen's mom opened it and her eyes grew wide with how dire the scene looked, "Mrs. Healy, I think....Gwen's best friend Jacob Bryar....hurt her."

The End

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