When The Day Met The Night

Based on Panic! At The Disco's song of the same name, this is my first attempt at FanFic o some description. Please listen to the song both before and after reading my story and you may feel it a tad more poignant. If not then thank you for taking the time anyway.


At the exact moment when the Sun sinks over the horizon and just before the Moon comes full glow, time stands still for a little while. Beyond that horizon, in that magical place between the worlds there is a Garden and in that Garden one fateful summer’s eve is where the day met the night.
            It had been the longest day of the year, slap bang in the middle of summer, and the Sun, returning to the world between worlds to await his time yet again, couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied. All day and every day he made his slow climb through the sky only to descend at the other end and throw the world temporarily into a darkened state. Was it really worth it? He had no-one to talk to, no-one to see and no-one to come home to. Well, there were the stars but they could be just a little bit tiresome at times and besides they were always leaving when he got here, ready to go out in their hoards and shed their own special glow over the world. Letting out a sigh he whispered silently to himself, “What’s the point?”
            The stars shouted to him as he passed, all vying for his favour, all asking for their big break to see if one of them could take over from him, finally be recognised for all their hard work. He was tired of telling them that it didn’t work like that; that no matter what they did they would never be able to shed light on an entire world all on their own. He was tired telling them and so he didn’t. “What’s the point?” he thought again. So instead he told them that who knows, maybe in years to come they would get their time to shine, that if they tried hard enough and shone bright enough then maybe, just maybe they might be able to go out in place of him sometime. “It’d give me a break and all,” he mumbled quietly to himself as he walked away.
            The Garden was always in a permanent state of light, not from its inhabitants but simply because it had been created that way. It was also always beautiful. Trees remained in bloom all year and flowers grew in the brightest colours in their beds. All of this was maintained by a man known quite simply as The Gardener. He was the only inhabitant of the Garden who was not simply a creature of light and no-one actually knew who he was or where he came from. But he pottered about all the time pruning the hedges into topiaries, watering the flowers and he always had a friendly smile and a doffed cap whenever an inhabitant strolled past him in his duties.
            This time however, even the beauty of the Garden could not distract the Sun from his thoughts. He always arrived here just in time to see the stars go off excitedly in their little constellations, chattering away to each other and he was left on his own. The Gardener was here, but he never actually spoke, just smiled his cheery smile and then continued about his work. “Why does he never get lonely?” thought the Sun. He continued walking along past the topiaries, all carved into exotic shapes such as cups and teapots and it struck him that he had never been in this part of the Garden before. Surely in all of his years wandering through the Garden he had been everywhere? And yet he found himself unaware of his current surroundings and feeling the slightest hint of excitement he carried on.
            As he continued to the end of the corridor created by the bushes he began to hear voices, voices that he didn’t recognise as being those of stars. Curiosity getting the better of him, he veered off towards the voices and came upon a peculiar scene. There, standing not ten paces from him was a star, the brightest star he had ever seen, with her back to him. Opposite this star was another... Inhabitant the likes of which he had never seen before, sipping tea and reading a book. She was larger than a star, and clearly much more important for this incredibly bright star seemed to be waiting on her.
            “Oh! It seems we have a visitor Polaris,” said the strange inhabitant, glancing towards where the Sun stood. Turning, Polaris raised her head to get a proper look at him and smiling turned back towards her mistress.
            “Indeed we do. ‘Tis the Sun, though he’s never deemed your ladyship the honour of a visit before,” said the one identified as Polaris.
            “No he hasn’t, so I wonder what could have possessed him to visit now?”
            The Moon continued to read her book while Polaris gazed expectantly at the Sun who, realising that he must say something managed, “I am the Sun...”
            Polaris giggled and looked back to her mistress who smiled and said, “Nice to meet you. I am the Moon”
            “The Moon? I can’t say I’m familiar with you madam,” the Sun replied, but a quick intake of breath from Polaris indicated that this may not have been the wisest thing to say under the circumstances.
            The Inhabitant identified as the Moon however chose instead to giggle. “You may leave us now Polaris, I’m sure whatever business the Sun has shan’t keep me too long,” and so Polaris got up and, bowing politely to both her mistress and the Sun, rushed off, giggling down a narrow track.
            It was at this point, under the green umbrella trees in the middle of this grand and glorious Garden that the Moon looked at him and he saw for the first time her soft, delicate features and her large round eyes and he was struck by a sudden feeling that he could not identify, knowing only that he wanted never to leave this place and this kindred spirit.
            The Moon too was surveying her visitor. Having never seen the Sun in person before she hadn’t known what to expect, but he looked weary. A tired soul, dragging his way through existence and now barely hanging on, exhausted.
            “You can sit if you like. Or not, it’s really rather up to you I suppose. But you do look tired and perhaps sitting down might be the best thing for you right now.”
            The Sun, once again realising that this conversation was addressed to him said, “So you’re the Moon are you?” and her giggle in response made him turn a bright crimson.
            “Yes I am, and before we have any more awkward questions: I enter the world at night to take up where you leave off. I spread a little light for the people and the stars assist me. We don’t shine nearly as brightly as you do but there are enough of us to get the job done.”
            “I see,” said the Sun, taking the seat recently vacated by Polaris. “But how come I have never seen you nor heard of you before? Or Polaris for that matter?”
            “Well Polaris and I have our own special entrance to the night sky. With so many stars rushing about by the main gate it would be impossible for us to make it out in any sort of timely fashion, so The Gardener showed us this other exit, just down that path there that leads us out so that we’re never late.”
            And the Sun, fascinated by this creature and still not entirely sure what to say to her said, “Would it be alright if we just sat and talked for a little while, if in exchange for your time I give you this smile?”
            And she said, “That’s okay as long as you can make a promise not to break my heart and leave me all alone in the summer...”
            And suddenly the Sun knew what the strange feeling was. He had been wandering alone in the Gardens for so long but at long last he had met somebody and he knew that he had fallen in love. He didn’t know how and he couldn’t get out, but he knew when he looked at this vision of beauty opposite him that he didn’t want to. He had fallen in love in the middle of summer, and what a feeling it was!
            He smiled at her and promised that he would never do such a thing and her eyes lit up as they talked. They talked of nothing and of everything, of days and nights, of wonder and romance until suddenly a noise came from the narrow path.
            “Excuse me madam,” came the soft voice of Polaris, “But it is time to go. If we don’t leave now then we shall be late and who knows what the stars will do if left unsupervised?”
            Suddenly feeling his world falling from under him the Sun staggered to his feet. He did not want to be left alone again, not after finding such joy as he had! “Don’ leave,” he said, and as the Moon turned to him he whispered, “Please don’t leave me alone again...”
            The Moon turned to Polaris and nodded. Polaris scurried away and the Moon walked up to the Sun. She held both his hands and gazed up lovingly into his eyes and said, “I have to go. You know that. But I’ll be back before Sunrise to see you again. I’ll meet you here, in this place and we can talk again... If you like...”
            The Sun looked down on her face and said, “For you I would wait an eternity. Go now, but return soon... my love...”
            And hearing those words she reached her face up and kissed him, and in doing so released all her emotion and shone brightly in the Garden. Overcoming his inhibitions in the light of his new found companion, the Sun too shone forth, their light mixing together in that one perfect moment, and caused the sky of the Garden to turn gold.  

The End

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