When rain wasn't expected.Mature

It is the story about a girl called Mayuri Singh, who has lost all her hopes for a normal teenage. It is because of her status as an actors daughter and high hopes from family and friends that she like her father will conquer the tabloid in times to come. So, why is she inclined to defy her loved ones to be what she wants to be and here Aadarsh Chopra plays the pivotal role in the recognition of what she is destined to be. It is a story about power, money, filthy games and the lovely dreams of a

                 ' WHEN RAIN WASN"T EXPECTED'

Business Law: Authority goes hand in hand with responsibility

Mayuri was all to aware of this but, she still had to sit through this home tutuions and slog her ass over these chapters, why? simple, Papa the great wants her to. Mayuri's life begins with the tramatic death of her mother and a long hateful childhood between some hundreds of incapable nannies according to her doting father. But she knew better here to, all those were wonderful women just not good enough for 'Virudh Singh Choudhray'. His character in public was that of a saint who never remarried after his actress wife's death 'Nilima rai-singh choudhray' for his beloved daughters sake. well here again she knew a lot more home truths than her own mother had known in her short span of life. Now at 18 she understood all this far better than when she had witnessed a few secences of her fathers indulgences, she had always thought of a shot going on when she witnessed things like those on set but, translate there meaning to her house was not a mystery for a long time. She by now had worked out what her fathers hands did under her nanny top back then. It had been a startling revelation when she had first read about these things in her class for sex education now compulsury in schools. She never had first hand experience because she was after all Virudh singh's daughter man known to have atleast pplace 4 bodygaurds around his daughter. With time her only friends left were her books and atleast they pleased her father as appropriate company unlike her band of girl friends rubbished by her father and with according flexibilty she had to forget and move on with life, boys were out of the leauge altogather. she had once brought a boy from school for debate practices home and she had been banned from the society altogather, even though no words were exchanged between the father daughter duo, message was crystal clear, she understood better here.

Yesterday was her 18 birthday and her mothers 18 death anniversary, there were no presents for her as usual, for this was marked as the red letter day in her father's life of looosing his beloved wife and she was just an heir who by the end of this year had to feature in a hindi movie and repplace her father in the young slot of fan following. she had the right placing any aspiring actor would kill for and the perfect power of her father in the industry that would bring her all the fame to start her carrier on the top landing.

But why was she not excited? She had tried all her life to convince herself that she was made for it. But constant reminder had also failed it's purpose. She wanted to be free of these barbed wires of expectancy. She wanted dearly to have had her teenage like a normal teenager, to have someone to share her problems with. To be able to ask someone about her problems of sexual nature other than therapists. To an outsider she had the perfect upbringing, best education, best wardrobe, best connections and a doting father; what else could someone ask for. But here she wanted to know better than she actually knew. She had many times indulged herself in day dreaming which included a wonderful best friend just out of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries and a passionate lover out of some Mills and boons book. But these were only the basics of it, these dreams never had her as some rich aspiring actress daughter on a well know actor and dead actress. In those dreams she was just herself, reading, chatting aways without a thought of someone drawing meanings from her each word and a loving family. Kidds and lots of them with a loving husband and house with love surrounding them. This was her true dream, people around her wanted to become Doctors, Enggineers, actors etc where as she just wanted to be a mother that to a loving one, but this never meant that she did not try to be an actress. She gave in her best for each activity to become an actress as a base for her future. whether it was painfull experience of beauty treatments or learning how to ride a horse or joing acting school in after hours from school. Dancing was the only part of her training that indulged her and this year she was going to attend finishing school for acting just after which she was scheduled to do a big banner film. She had studied in a girls convent school after finishing junior school and was not very comfortable in company of boys due to the lack of their influence on her life. The only interludes with the opposite sex since junior school had been rare servants working at her house and the heros from the novels that ate her time shamelessly to accompany her in those dark hours of lonliness. A college fresher as her had many dreams for her life but she who had crushed her dreams and lost all hope to ever retrive them awaited a miracle in silence like that of Rain in the desert in the prime bloom of summer. Unexpected, miraculous but not impossible. It was the destiny of Aadarsh Chopra to fit in her lock like a key and unravvel the truths of love and lust.

The End

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