When Phil Sick went on the rampage

One day in Hobbit Square, Phil Sick, after downing 200 pints of whisky went on the rampage with a mechanical digger which he stole from workmen and laid to waste the entire square, demolishing everything.

Even the pub wasn't spared for it too got razed to the ground. People climbed out of the rubble from the flattened square and started to charge at Phil Sick for what he'd done to the entire square. They got hold of him and with all their might  kicked him up into the sky, landing:

"Smack!" on one of the trees.

Such was the force of the impact that a bird  got knocked out of it's nest. The bird charged at Phil Sick and tried to gobble him up, but he shot out at the other way of the bird driven by madness and with all his might wrenched the tree out of the ground chucking it at passers - by. They dived out of the way to escape the tree that flew towards them.

Driven by madness the bird that earlier on tried to gobble up Phil Sick started swooping down at people below and tried to peck them, but managed to make a run for it.

Phil Sick was a drunkard who often drank too much, as a result, that his liver  was damaged beyond repair and would need a liver and bacon transplant.

The End

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