Japan Off The Map

I was sent on a mission by myself to go and launch the nuclear missles in Russia. I went only to find the nuclear control room leadified and no way possible to launch the warheads. So I did the impossible. I went to the silos in Russia and just picked up the door/roofs of them with my hands. I scaled down then picked up two nuclear missiles and leaped back up. Then after calculating for a minute I threw the missiles using all the force of every rocket in the robot.

They struck home. The missiles went right under the water and destroyed everything that was holding Japan up. It took a minute and then like the Titanic Japan split in half and dove underneath the waves. South Korea which had been expecting this had constructed a wall and had made the remaining Lead Giants hold shields to block the oncoming tsunami that was sure to hit.

South Korea was saved, North Korea was almost completely wiped out, Japan was gone, and Russia and China were lead.

The End

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