The Lead Giants Kick Butt

Thats were we come in. World ending, pencil apacolypse, hey great idea lets go fight them. Right... sadly no. South Korea tried to raise the world into a group and take on the pencils as one but no one listened. They were struck dumb with fear. Couldn't stand and fight even though they were certain they were gonna get attacked at one point or another. So we acted alone.

The first troops dropped in, in Moscow. The defense had lightened now that the pencils had China. Our five lead giants were unstoppable, they were already lead and could crush and burn the pencils. I myself was the leader and used a lead hammer as well as laser eyes. I was brutal in combat and anyone or in this case anything found that out. Only the strongest pencils attacked but even so they couldn't get close. I was a whirlwind of hammer and fire.

The End

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