The Greedy Chinese

The Chinese being greedy, power hungry, and wanting land, sent in troops of ships, jets, jeeps, tanks, helicopters, and submarines. They stormed their way to Moscow to try and capture Russia which had completely been leadified. The pencil scouts flew back to the HQ in Moscow of the invasion. When the Chinese arrived they were met with their doom.

The pencils came up with an attack plan. They shot at the heli's which in turn made the helis go right over the pencils targets, the tanks. Then the pencils would leadify the heli's making them shatter to pieces on the tanks below, also disabling the tanks. Their method worked well, soon tanks were covered in smashed lead helicopter parts and tank pilots were crushed in the tank while the pilots in the heli's were cut by the led.

It was like a picture; the whole Chinese force was frozen except for the helicopters which smashed down splintering everything, making the ground like shattered glass over a floor. A very bloody floor with no surviving people. Only the ground infantry and jets had escaped. See the pencils had let them go tell China about the defeat and spread fear on China, start riots that kinda thing. It worked.

The End

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