When My Time Has Come

This is just a tale that I used to have on my profile. I believe that when it is my time to die that my characters will come for me (I like to believe it anyway) and bring me to a world of my creation to live forever with them.
This is my favourite character that I've created coming to take me away from this world.You can add too if you like, I changed it to a collaborative!


"I think a break is in order!" I stood up from my desk and walked forwards, straight into the large glass door I recently had installed. Ahh yes.... I'd forgotten to open it again. Bloody door.

Rubbing my head, I walked into the kitchen and pulled open the fridge, yanking out the milk. I had just taken a swig of it when a figure standing in the shadows caught my eye and I nearly choked in my attempt to swallow it quickly. "Who are you?" I demanded "And how did you get into my house?"

The figure walked forwards into the light and I found myself looking into the eyes of Scarecrow West, one of my favourite characters that I have ever created. It was unmistakably him, he wore combats and a dark jacket of the type the Recondos would wear. He also had that infamous scar down his neck.

"It's time." he said gently and I shook my head. "No no, I haven't finished the last draft yet. I have to tell the readers how the story ends."

He smiled sadly at me and I knew there was no point in arguing. The characters had sent Scarecrow because it was impossible to say no to him. He was a Recondo. If you didn't want to go somewhere he'd drag you there kicking and screaming. I should know, because I was the one that made him that way.

I put the milk back in the fridge and took his outstretched hand. He led me forward to the shadows and I heard a crash behind me. Looking back I saw myself, sprawled across the kitchen floor, glass smashed beside me. "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome." they would say. But the characters had simply called.

I walked with Scarecrow into the shadows until the light surrounded me. I never did get to finish that last chapter... Maybe it was best that people could decide for themselves what the outcome might be.

I found myself standing in a vast room with a glittering starry ceiling. All around me people hurried and bowed and I looked at Scarecrow, confusion on my face.

"This is the world of The Attic." he explained. "Do you remember? You created it when you were very young, a place to escape to?"

I stared around me in awe as servants flitted about tidying up things, dusting, mopping the floor.

I reached into the air and pulled at the strands of magic that had woven themselves around me. They feel warm under my touch, familiar....then again I did create them myself....

"What part must I play here Crow?" I asked fearfully as I stared around, wondering if the Trickster would jump out at me.

"Don't you realise Alli?" he smiled at me.

"You are royalty here. The Attic lands are yours."

I gasped and he put a hand on my shoulder. "Be safe kid. I might visit you sometime." then he ruffled my hair and kissed the top of my head like a brother would a sister. I don't remember writing this side of Crow that often? My characters must be developing their own personalities away from my pen....

Scarecrow turned and faded into shadow. Then he was gone.

I took a deep breath and stepped into the bustle of The Attic, this is my domain, and I can do what I want here. I sat on the throne and smiled. All lost things come to The Attic, my body lost my soul, therefore I came here, and now I am a part of the Martilian Bloodline, the family that I had only ever dreamt of....

The End

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