The Pattern

After the fourth, Christ The Redeemer in Rio, the world started to notice that only famous buildings and monuments were turning to monsters. Countries with great sadness began to destroy their famous buildings. The Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower, other buildings, and with great difficulty the pyramids of Giza. Some countries including China were to prideful to demolish their lovely landmarks, and so they payed the price.

The next one was the one full one China had refused to destroy, the now monstrous snake of the Great Wall of China. It wreaked havoc every where it went. The Wasps couldn't stop it; they were only good with metal not stone. We sent in the dual piloted robots which worked together to pound the snake along with nearly all the missiles and jets China owned. It took four days to bring the snake down; China had taken a gruesome beating.

The End

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