This is a rough prologue for the idea of a fantasy novel that I have. BTSO is still my primary focus right now.

When Madness Rhymes


            The only thing I remember from my childhood that I actually spent with my clan was in fact, the end of my clan as I knew it. I can only recall the fires that burnt our homes down to ash, the thin shadows skirting across the ground as the arrows flew between the sun and the earth over our heads, and the cries for help that I was too young to understand what to do anything about.

            I am the only surviving member of Clan Gargannon. I was only five years old when my people were murdered by Count Saerson. We were a proud people who knew well about the tactics of war, upheld a prosperous civilization, and commenced profitable trade to all corners of the continent. The world we lived in was young. However, our clan was in the process of making that world a more advanced and technological place. Our scientists and inventors were creating things that were years ahead of its time. Our time period has been called various different things, being either medieval period, era of magic, or more recently, the Dark Ages.

            Count Saerson was banished by our clan leader for scheming in private to overthrow our leader and claim lordship of the clan for himself. Saerson never fit it at a young age. He was always radical and uncivilized, as well as power hungry. I never knew him until the day of the attack, for he was banished one year after I was born. Then that ill-fated day came. Even with the incredible strength in arms and quantity of Clan Gargannons army alone, it was not enough to defeat the power of magic that Count Saerson had mastered in his time away from the clan.

            Gargannon never practiced magic, aside from our religious leaders who sought purity and enlightenment through what is known as light magic. There are three types of magic. Light magic is a gift from the gods of the heavens up above, granted only to those whose hearts were pure and just. It deals with healing, wisdom, and defense. Then there is dark magic which is granted by the demons that lurk under the earth, only to those whose intent was to murder and betray. It deals with crippling, rage, and anarchy. The third type of magic deals with no kind of affinity to light or dark. It is a magic that is comprised of the neutral elements of the earth. The four main elements that are the easiest to master are water, fire, earth, and air. After that comes atomics, thermodynamics, and even the manipulation of time itself.

            Saerson exploited Gargannons weakness in magical powers perfectly. He knew that the strongest of steels and sharpest of swords were not enough of a match for the supernatural powers of magic. Saerson had in just four years after he was banished, united not only the broken and evil men of the world under his banner of darkness, but he had gained the allegiance of all the possible dark creatures and demons as well. Gargannon, nor any other civilization, ever stood a chance against the full power of all the evil forces in the world. The continent is now broken and shattered, not only figuratively, but literally as well. The kingdoms of this world have been falling one by one to Saersons war for total domination. Only a handful of settlements and kingdoms scattered in the corners of the continent still stand, but they are lost and divided. The continent is ready to fall.

            I, the last surviving member of Clan Gargannon, must find a way to unite the few good and pure people of this earth. Even though war and wisdom is in my blood, I am untrained and inexperienced. I need allies. Those with the courage to stand up and fight for what little good is left in this world. I will not stop fighting for the rhyme and reason of purity and justice until the day comes that every other person of this continent gives in to Saersons terrible tyranny. I will not stop, until the people believe in their hearts that chaos is the new order of the world. I will not stop, until the day comes when madness rhymes.

The End

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