My Dedication

(NB. A random poem I thought of, not entirely true, but I had nowhere else to post it).

My Dedication

If I could,

I would dedicate the world to you;

Move planets and stars to show you I care.

If I had the money,

I would buy you a thousand organs

And leave them outside your door;

(Because I know where you live).

If time and length and age,

Did not dare pull us apart,

I would surely open my heart.

I would open my heart,

Give you everything there is to give.

I would dance with you too;

(I bet you’d like that).

If life would prevail,

I’d be able to kiss your lips so sweet.

And if I had courage aplenty

I might sing with you one night

Perhaps if you could give your love;

(‘Cause then I’d stop stalking you).

The End

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