Just Ten Things

I remember when I first met you,

I knew almost nothing,

None of your secrets,

None of the things you find joy in.


The things I find about you

Unfold like flowers.

Day by day,

I learn something new.


The way you joke

About the fact you’re allergic to dogs.

And the way you try in sneak into the conversation,

Problems like your colour-blindness.


The fact that

You’re short sighted,

But less so than me,

And how you often mock me.


I’ve learnt that you enjoy,

Odd fashion

And brightly coloured-ties,

And many pocket handkerchiefs.


I love the way you say,

Off-hand sometimes

(As you have a way of being so random

Just like me. Another reason I am so drawn to you)

About your family

Your two nephews and two young nieces

That your sister has thirty-seven years of her life gone.

And the way your hair

Used to be as curled as mine.


I see

The way you care for your friends,

If they’re hurt,

You give them support.


And the way you ask

Nothing more of your female friends,

As you would do for me.

Even if I do not wish it.


I can now notice

When you have a fake smile.

Or if you are talking about one of your other friends,

If something happens that you won’t tell me about.


Four years on,

I feel we have moved further together.

Yet rules keep us apart.


And so things are still distant,

But at least I know,

At least I know from you,

Just a simple ten things.

The End

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