My life

is just so confusing

With you around.

We're friends, right?

You said we were.

But I just don't trust you.

I don't trust myself, either.


This is just so confusing.

When I'm not

Daydreaming about seeing you next hour,

I'm thinking of

Reasons to skip class.


When I'm not,

Thnking of the good things about you,

I'm trying to

Count the flaws. Are there any?


When I'm not



A vicious beast.


If I'm not

Laughing with you,


Laughing at you.

If I'm not


Then I'm


If I don't

Faint when you pass by,

Then I

Fight to keep from striking you.


When I'm not

Appologizing for making mistakes,

Then I'm

Just making more.


If I don't find a balance with you now,

Then I never will.

The End

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