Is there Peace Now?

I thought,

over and over,

what I said,

What I did.

When I lost my mind.

When I lost my head.

When I yelled for no reason.

When I snapped.

When I spit fire.

When I had glare in my eyes.


And I realized

I couldn't blame you.

I was to blame.

Don't ask me to explain;

I can't put it into words.

But this was my fault.

And all I want now,

is there to be peace.


I hope that the "I'm sorry" worked.

I hope the "I shouldn't have been so mean." worked.

I hope the "I was such a jerk" worked.

I hope you understand.

I hope you weren't lying

when you replied,

"It's okay. Just human instinct."

Whatever that means.


Is there peace now?
Can we move on?

Can I move on?
Is there peace now?

The End

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