I Love--

It's true

It is

It's real

I love you


You turn


You can't


I love you



To go

No one

To turn to

But whether or not

You belive

I love you


As a human

As a friend

And maybe

As more

But it doesn't have to be

Just let me say

I love you


You don't even listen

When I say your name

My heart has shattered

Feel the pain

I love you


I don't understand

You call yourself a man

And yet you never lend a hand

To help me rise and stand

So tell me why

I love you


It's not even romance

I love you like a brother

Just a simple liking

Of one person to another


But though you turn away

I still long to hear you say

At the end of every day

It's real

I love you

The End

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