Read the letters.......

S ilent


Tears flowing freely across my cheeks

Pain in every drop.

I don't know what to say

I'm just hurting everyone around me.


U nhappy


I can't seem to make anyone happy,

I can't even make myself happy.

They want to help

I won't let them.


I gnore


I'm ignoring him.

I want to think........

That this will all go away

If I just stop talking to him.


C onfused


I don't know what is happening,

I don't understand what's going on.

I keep getting dizzy.

I just want this to end.


I mperfect


Nothing I do is right.

Nothing I say is right.

My thoughts are wrong.

My mind is wrong.


D epressed


I wish I knew what was wrong.

Increasing saddness.

I want to cry and scream.

I want to hurt myself.


E nd


I want it all to go away.

I can't do it.

This pain is lasting to long.

This horrid ache.


The End

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