I don't know really what to say,

I love you,

I know I do.

But this I can never tell you.

Even the unsent letters and poems,

Do not say how much I want you,

How much I need you.


I am your guardian Angel;

I want to be with you forever.

But I need your consent,

Your Heart,

Your Word.

Please say you care!

To stop this pain;

The fact I need you.


I don't care the time,

The distance,

Or the gap.

To me, you are more than gold-

You are everything.

For you, I would do anything

Change my name, change my future,

But never change that I need you.


Do I lie?

Is this lying?

And is it for you?

I pretend one thing.

Speak one thing.

Yet write another...

Play another game...

Because I need you.


When you're near,

My heartbeat increases.

I fumble my words,

And turn pink in the face.

When you talk it is music,

And when you laugh there is magic.

All this proves

That I need you.


When you sing,

And when you play the piano,

You glow with handsome talent-

You amaze me far too much,

My heart breaks again and again.

Is wanting to find out all about you

Such a crime?

I will always need you.


Oh, Christopher,

Can't you see I need you?

Don't you care the same for me?

These letters are not enough,

To quench my passion for you.

I'll wait a million years

To be with you.

For I need you...


I will always need you.

Never Forget.


The End

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