A Song I Cannot Sing

Why is it that

When I feel I'm just getting over you,

and the wounds are healing,

that somehow,

Some way,

Someone tears the wound open.

And I start to bleed again.

Today, for example.

Minding my own business,

Listening to the radio,

Having a good day,

and a song came on.

I'd only heard it once.

But as soon as I knew what song it was,

I had to fight every urge to cry.



A few weeks ago I was on the bus.

You a seat away.

With another girl.

And this song came on.

And you put your arm around her,

Sang with the song,

And moved your hands to the words.

And I just felt so alone and hurt.


I wish you knew how much it makes me bleed.

The End

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