I Still Bleed for You

I saw you first in the hallways...

You didn't know I was there.

But you stood out to me,

A candle in a cave,

And I new I would have to talk to you someday.


Days past, schedule changes,

And one day I walked in the room.

No one there yet, so I picked a spot.

And hoped no one would notice.


You walked in next, saw me in the seat

Right behind yours.

"What the heck?" you said with a laugh.

I was too shy to say any more,

than a simple, "I'm new."

"Hi, I'm (Jack)." You stuck out your hand.

I paused, unsure, then took it.

And whispered a shocked, "Hi. I'm Shelby."


My seat was changed to the very back.

Right where I could not talk to you.

But how I wanted to know more about you!


Did I do wrong,

just trying to be friendly?

Was it wrong of me to say "Hello"

when you walked by?

I asked questions,

because curiosity got the better of me.


Questions, questions, questions,

Day in, day out.

You never told me off.

You never failed to answer.

You always were polite.

I gave you so many chances to tell the truth.

To say, "Please, leave me alone for a bit."

I would have gone.

But you said nothing.

And I pressed on.


Somehow, word got out.

That I liked you more than I should.

A friend of mine sent you a note that said,

"Hey! You know my BFF Shelby?

She's crazy about you!

I was wondering what you thought about her!"

And you sent the note back,

"Ugh! She's such a creep!

Everywhere I go, she's there.

I can't turn a corner without her showing up!

She is seriously creepin'."


The note found its way to me.

I was crushed, burned, hurt.

I wish you had told me before.

But now the world knows.

And now I know.

You never even thought of me as a friend.


I never cry over you now.

But I still bleed.

When I see you, I bleed.

When I think of you, I bleed.

When I'm reminded of that terrible note,

I bleed.

And even though,

I know the truth,

I still find myself wishing for you to say something.

The End

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