Looking at a mirror

Who is this person?

I have never seen this person before.

This person looks just like me but we have never met.


 She is just like me,

But she will never talk.

I think I may have frightened her.


I look into this object and we meet again,

I bring my hand up and push it forwards.

She copies me


Our hands touch,

All I feel is coldness.

I am scared to look at her eyes.


I want to scream at her,

I want to break this image that has been created.

I want her to have some sort of expression.


I close my eyes and scream,

I yell at her for not saying anything

I cry out that she's just like the rest.


I open my eyes.

Her eyes are blank.

She stands there doing nothing.


I lean against a wall.

she does the same.


Only then do I realize

I'm going insane.

I'm screaming at nothing.


I try to say I'm sorry

It's to late for that.

Her image is fading,

Tears slide down my cheek.


I then tell myself,


I'm looking in a mirror.

The End

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