Drama: We're still friends but........


One word.

Five letters.


I try to help and you say I do

But I just can't feel it, It's all about you.


My emotions towards this problem are hollow

I just can't help but I hope problems don't follow.


I don't know what to do,

I can hardly help myself when I'm like this too.




Normal crap that happens in a a crazy manner.


I know this sounds bad

I don't want it to but this will probably make you sad.


This is about your happyness and I want to leave you be

Because this drama is crazy enough without me


I will not Interfere

I will not do a thing.


I will no longer give advice

Or tell a living being


About your problems with him

This story does not include me,


This has been turned from us to you

It's all about


You and him

Him and you


I've been twisted with this fate

And some people have begin to hate


A distrusting feeling, I know

This will end well I believe, but I must go


I can no longer help, I can no longer feel

I can no longer act like I know how you must deal


This problem is to big for me

I just have to let it be.



The End

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