I know That I Must

We cannot alter what's already been done

Back in the good days we had lots of fun

But my mind now is heavy; it's weighing a ton

And I have to say, Chris, that you're just not the one


The skin and the flesh of you still is the same

But deep in the core of it something has changed

It used to be sunny, but now it's all rain

Can't figure it out but I'm going insane


I wish you a good life, and we'll still be friends

But we're seperate people and this is the end

Our lives intersected for just a few days

But I have been touched by your warm, gentle rays


Also, besides that, you're all full of lust

And sometimes you won't stop staring at my bust

You are not a person in which I can trust

I do hate to do it but I know that I must

I know that I must.


The End

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