Your Eyes Look GreenMature

“Is he okay?” Kate, said as she rushed into the hospital. Daryl, Addi and Clara followed close behind her. “Darcy, what happened exactly?”

“We aren’t sure. My father won’t talk and Derek hasn’t said a thing about it yet,” Darcy replied. “All I know is it was bad, Kate. It was horrible seeing him lying there on the floor covered in blood and bruises.” Darcy was trying really hard not to cry. She felt as if this was her fault.

“Oh my word! That poor little guy. He didn’t do anything to deserve this! He’s a good kid,” Addi said.

“You’re right, he doesn’t deserve this, but my dad is a horrible guy. He has been ever since Danni died. I never thought my dad would ever want to hurt anyone, but I was so wrong about that!” Darcy said. “You know, if we could have stopped him from going there none of this would have happened!”

“We tried, Darcy, don’t blame yourself. There’s nothing that could be done now. Whatever happens happens. Derek is a strong kid, he will get through this. You just have to be there for him,” Daryl reassured her.

The five of them sat patiently in the waiting room for what seemed to be forever until the doctor finally came up to them with two police officers. “We got Derek to talk,” one of the officers said. “My name is officer Cringe.”

Darcy ignored the officer and stood up and walked over to the doctor, “Is he going to be okay?”

The doctor said, “He seems to be doing fine, Mrs. Chuck. A few of his ribs are bruised, but none are broken. His wrist is broken, though. But with the proper treatment, your brother should be just fine.”

“Thank you doctor,” Darcy said, then she turned to officer Cringe, “My father will be locked up for a long, long time for this, right?”

“Mrs. Chuck, if you would please sit down over here,” officer Cringe said as he pointed to a chair.

“Why do I need to sit, officer?”

“I just think it would be best for all of us. Now, would everyone please explain their relations to the victim,” officer Cringe looked at Derek’s sister, aunt and cousins.

“Well, I am his aunt, and these are my three children; Derek’s cousins,” Kate said.

“I’m his sister,” Darcy said. “Now could you please tell me what is going to happen to my father and my little brother?”

“Well, it seems as though Kirk and Derek got into a fight in Derek’s old room, which is upstairs, correct?” officer Cringe asked.

“Yes, his room was upstairs,” Darcy said.

“Well, Derek and Kirk were at the top of the stairs, and Kirk hit Derek in the eye, and he lost balance and fell all the way down the stairs,” officer Cringe began.

When he was one telling the story, everyone just sat there quietly until, “Darcy, I came as soon as I could,” Thomas showed up at the hospital. Darcy suddenly burst into tears as she walked over to her husband. She pressed her face up against his chest and sobbed. He wrapped his arms around her, “He’s a strong boy, Darcy. He’s going to be just fine.”

“It was awful, Thomas; just seeing him lying there on the floor in pain. And there was nothing I could do to make the pain go away! I feel horrible! He got punched, he went flying down the stairs, he got kicked and then a vase was smashed onto his back. He has bruised ribs and a broken wrist! I can’t do anything to make the pain just go away!” Darcy felt completely helpless. She loves Derek, and she hated seeing him in pain. “I just wish I could have stopped him from going there. None of this would have happened!” Darcy began to cry even harder. She could hardly speak, “He’s sixteen! He did nothing to deserve this!”

“I know, babe, I’m so sorry that he’s going through this,” Thomas didn’t really know what to say. His brother-in-law was lying there on a hospital in excruciating pain, and his wife was crying and praying that he would be okay, and blaming herself that her brother was hurt. Thomas put his hand under Darcy chin and lifted up her head, “Look at me,” he said, then she looked him in the eye, “You did nothing wrong, Darcy. This is not your fault.”

Darcy out her head back down, “I just wish we could go back in time and stop him from going over there.”

The doctor came up to Darcy and Thomas, “He wants to talk to you; both of you,” the doctor said. Thomas and Darcy walked into Derek’s room with the doctor, “Here they are Derek. If you needed anything, just hit the red button on the wall and a nurse will be paged.”

Derek said nothing to the doctor, he just looked up at the ceiling the entire time. Darcy walked over to him, and sat on the edge of the hospital bed, “Derek, how you feeling?” Derek looked over at Darcy, but still said nothing. He looked back up at the ceiling. He seemed to be concentrating really hard. Darcy was almost in tears again when she saw Derek’s eye. But she knew she had to be strong for her brother. “The doctor said you wanted to talk to us.”

Derek looked over at Darcy one more time. He focused mainly on her eyes; examining them. “Your eyes look green,” he said.

“They’re hazel, so sometimes they do that,” she said.

“They look just like…” Derek stopped talking and looked back up at the ceiling, “Angie’s eyes,” he finished. “I wanted to know if you could call her for me while I talk to Thomas.”

Darcy looked up at Thomas, “Sure, Derek, of course,” Darcy grabbed Derek’s cell phone off of the small table sitting next to the hospital bed, and then she walked out of the room.

Derek looked over at Thomas, “I know I’ve never really liked you, and I didn’t want to move in with you and Darcy, but I think that would be a good idea. Moving to Minnesota with you guys might do me some good.”

“I’m glad you think so, Derek. You know, Darcy never stopped talking about you since she left ten years ago. She always talked about going over there and visiting you. She was afraid you would be mad at her for leaving right after your mother died. It would mean a lot to her if you came and lived with us, it really would.”

The End

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