Keep Breathing and You’ll Be Just FineMature

Kirk rushed down the stairs. He knelt down next to Derek, “Derek? Derek, can you hear me?” Derek rolled over onto his back; he looked over at his father. “Derek, I am so sorry,” He said. Kirk grabbed Derek’s arm and tried to help him up. Derek pulled away from him, “C’mon, Derek, get up!”

“Don’t touch me,” was all Derek could say. The pain was excruciating. He hasn’t felt like this in three years. He thought his father had gotten better, but man was he wrong.

Derek reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Darcy’s number. “Hello?” she said when she answered her phone.

“Darcy, it’s me, Derek. I need you to come to Dad’s house, right now. Please hurry!” Derek said.

“Derek, what happened?” Darcy said in a very worried tone of voice.

“I will explain when you get here,” Kirk walked over to Derek and kicked him really hard on his left side. “Ahhhh!” Derek cried out in pain as he rolled back onto his stomach.

“I’m coming Derek!” Darcy hung up the phone.

Derek had his phone in his right hand. His arm was stretched up over his head. Kirk put his foot on Derek’s wrist, and stomped on it to get the phone out of his hands. “You didn’t want to go with, Darcy, remember? You wanted to come and stay with me. But no, I make one mistake and you go crawling back to her!” Kirk kicked Derek’s side once more, right in his rib cage. “You say I’m not your father, huh? Well, Darcy’s not your mother. You’re mother is dead! My wife died, because of you. You’re an ungrateful son-of-a-bitch!” Kirk grabbed the vase that was sitting on the coffee table, and smashed it up against Derek’s back. “I’m not an unfit parent, you’re an unfit child. You’re needy, you don’t do what you are told and you run away! I’m just doing Kate a favor. She’d beat your little ass if I didn’t get to you first!” Kirk went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator; leaving Derek on the floor, helpless and lifeless.

Darcy pulled into the driveway; she ran to the front door as fast as she possibly could and opened it up. She saw Derek lying on the floor. The back of his head was bleeding from hitting it so hard when he went tumbling down the stairs, his back was all cut up from the glass vase his father and thrown at him, his sides were completely bruised up from being kicked and he had a black eye from getting punch, “Oh, no, Derek? Are you okay?” Darcy got down on the floor next to her younger brother. She was trying hard not to cry, but she couldn’t help herself. She looked into the living room and saw her dad on the couch drinking a beer. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“He deserved it,” Kirk said.

“What kind of a monster would want to do this to a child?”

“He’s a man! He should have taken it like one.”

“He’s sixteen, Dad!” Darcy looked back at Derek, She grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket and call the police, “Yes, hi, my name is Darcy Chuck. My father beat my brother unconscious! He’s having trouble breathing please send an ambulance as fast as you can!”

“Alright, ma’am, we need the address and name of the victim and suspect,” the woman on the other line said.

Darcy gave them all the information that they needed, and in about ten minutes, an ambulance showed up at Kirk’s house. They took Derek away on a stretcher and arrested Kirk right away. Darcy went with Derek to the hospital in the ambulance. “Everything is going to be okay, Derek. Just please, keep breathing, and you’ll be just fine,” she said to her brother.

The End

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