He Will Be BackMature

It was about two in the morning now, “I’m very sorry for Derek’s actions. I don’t know what got into him! He’s not really like that. He’s a good kid, he really is!” Kate explained to her three children. Her children have been raised for quite some time now, and raising another child has been very stressful on her. Clara is thirty-six, Daryl is thirty-four and Addi is twenty-eight.

“Look, Mom, I understand what he’s going through,” Daryl defended his cousin. “Remember when we moved here? I was about his age. I didn’t want to leave my high school or friends.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember. You got your first kiss that year! And you thought you were going to marry Elizabeth, but then we moved and you guys had to breakup,” Clara said.

“You were devastated. You wouldn’t talk to any of us like the first month of living here!” Addi said.

“I get it now!” Kate said. She looked over at Daryl, “Derek has a girlfriend. Her name is Angie. He really likes her. She’s probably the reason he doesn’t want to leave Tennessee. You should tell him about Elizabeth and how you didn’t want to leave her, but then you met Camille when you moved here and you guys are more then happy!”

“I can do that,” Daryl went up the stairs to Derek’s room. He knocked on the door, but got no response. He knocked again, but after getting no response the second time he walked in. Derek’s window was wide open, and there was no sign of Derek, He didn’t want to worry anybody so he decided he was going to stay in Derek’s room until he came back. It wasn’t but ten minutes later when Derek came crawling through his window. “Where have you been, Derek?” Daryl asked.

Derek just kind of stood there, staring at Daryl; he didn’t really have anything to say, so he just responded with, “Out.”

“Look, I was sixteen once too, Derek. I’m not going to go tell my mom on you. Can you tell me where you went?”

“I went on a walk, no big deal. I was in our yard the whole time.”

“I want you to be able to talk to me and be honest, okay?” Daryl waited for a response from Derek, but when he got none, he took a deep breath, and began talking. “Why don’t you want to leave Tennessee?”

“I have a lot going for me here,” Derek walked over to his computer and turned it on. His background on his screen was a picture of him and Angie.

Daryl looked up at the picture. “Is she why you want to stay?”

“She’s part of the reason, and the other part is…” Derek tried to think of another reason why he wanted to stay, but he just couldn’t, “Well, there really is no other reason.”

“When I was a freshman in high school, I had to move here from Virginia. I loved it in Virginia! But my mom wanted to move closer to her sister, your mom.”


“My point is, I loved that school. I was in just about every sport, I was in almost every club and I had the best girlfriend ever! Her name was Elizabeth. I thought I was in love with that girl. She was the most beautiful thing my fourteen year old eyes had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, brown eyes, dimples and the most gorgeous smile. I thought she was going to be the one. But we had to breakup when I moved here. It was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do at that point. But I’m glad I did. If I never would have moved to Tennessee, I would have never met Camille and I wouldn’t have my four babies,” Daryl took his wallet out of his pocket. He had pictures of his wife and kids in it. “This is Camille and me, and here is our oldest daughter Cassie, then these are the twins, Dustin and Dara, and this is our youngest daughter, Connie. If I would have stayed with Elizabeth, I would have never had these four wonderful children.”

“I guess, but you don’t get it! You got to see your girlfriend when you dated her; I hardly get to see Angie. Her family like hated me for the longest time! And I’ve caused a lot of pain for them, so it’s not a big deal leaving. It will make them all happier.”

“Wait, then what’s the deal?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, can I be alone now?”

“Um, sure,” Daryl walked out of Derek’s room, and went downstairs. His sisters, mother and Darcy were all still awake. “He said he’s fine with moving.”

“Then why did he like freak out?” Clara asked.

“Well, I think he is just saying that he’s okay with it so that everyone leaves him alone,” Daryl looked over at Darcy and said “He really does like that girl.”

“What am I supposed to do about that, Daryl? Just let him stay here?” Darcy asked.

“Don’t make him leave, Darcy, that’s all I’m saying.”

“How am I supposed to not make him leave? I’m moving to Minnesota, and I’m just supposed to leave my little brother here in Tennessee? I can’t do that, he’s sixteen!”

Derek was sitting on the stairs this whole time listening to what everyone had to say. When he finally had enough, he went all the way down the stairs with his coat and shoes on. He didn’t look at anyone; he just headed to the door. “Where on Earth do you think you are going at this time, Derek?” his aunt Kate asked.

Derek was trying not to yell at all of them, so instead of freaking out on anyone, he just simply replied, “Out,” and was out the front door before anyone else could say a word. Darcy, Kate, Daryl, Addi and Clara all followed behind him.

“Derek, you come back here right now!” Darcy shouted. Derek didn’t respond to his sister and just kept on walking. All five of his family members kept on following him. “Derek, stop!”

Derek turned around, “You have done nothing for me my entire life, Darcy. Now you want to come and be ‘the hero’ and ‘most amazing sister’ and take me in! I’m not going! You can’t make me! If you make me leave Nashville I will hate you! You’re not my mother! You’re my sister and I won’t have to listen to a damn word you say,” Derek turned around and kept walking. His sister, aunt and cousins all stopped following him.

“Just let him go. He will get all of his anger and negativity out, and he will be back, I promise all of you, he will be back,” Daryl said.

The End

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