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Andrew got up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Nancy opened the door and stepped outside. “I overacted, and I’m really sorry, and I need you, Andrew. I need you more than I have ever needed anybody! Can we just forget about the breakup and still see each other?”

“Of course, Nancy,” Nancy put her arms around Andrew’s neck and hugged him. Then they kissed and Andrew said, “Are you ready for this?” Nancy shook her no. “What do you think she is going to say?”

“I don’t know. I changed my mind. We can’t tell her! This can’t be happening, Andrew. I’m pregnant! I mean, seriously? How could we be so stupid?”

“Nancy, honey, calm down. We can do this. You’re mom is one of the coolest people I know.”

“But she’s under a lot of pressure and going through enough pain. And now she’s about to find out her fourteen year old, freshman daughter is pregnant! Her only daughter is pregnant! I can’t do this!”

“Okay, babe, we can do this. Let’s go,” Andrew opened Nancy’s front door. Nancy walked in; Andrew followed closing the door behind him.

“Mom, can I talk to you?” Nancy said. Her mom’s name is Kimberly. She had Nancy when she was twenty-five. She was never able to have kids before that age. So Nancy wasn’t sure how her mom would react knowing that she was pregnant at fourteen.

“Sure, honey, hang on just a minute,” Kimberly looked up at Nancy and Andrew, “Oh, hey, Andrew.”

“Hi, Kimberly,” Andrew replied.

“Well, Sammy, I have to go. Nancy’s home and she brought Andrew,” Kimberly laughed at what her sister’s reply. “I will tell them, see you tomorrow. Love you too, Sammy, bye now.” Kimberly looked over at Nancy and Andrew. “Hey, we could have a movie night! What time is it?” Kimberly asked her daughter.

“About five-thirty,” Nancy replied.

“That’s perfect! You guys can help me set up, we could go pick out some movies, then make some snacks!”

“You really want to hang out with us two?” Nancy asked her mother.

“Not just you two, Devin is coming over. He’s supposed to be here at seven,” Devin is Kimberly’s boyfriend.

“Well, you and Devin are getting pretty serious, right Mom? Do you really want me and Andrew here? We should leave,” Nancy turned around to walk out of the kitchen, but Andrew stopped her. Nancy turned back around and looked at her mom. “Actually, there is something we need to talk to you about.” Kimberly was sitting at the kitchen table, Nancy sat in the seat across from her, and Andrew sat next to Nancy. “Okay, where do I start?” Nancy looked over at Andrew. “About three and a half months ago, Andrew and I went to a party and Kyle Richardson’s house.”

“And just about everyone was drinking,” Andrew added.

“Andrew and I didn’t want to drink, so we went in a quiet room and… well…”

“We think Nancy’s pregnant,” Andrew said. Kimberly just kind of sat there. It was like she didn’t know what to say.

“I’ve taken two pregnancy tests, and they were both positive. And I’m about a little over three months late. And I’ve been throwing up in the morning.” Kimberly still said nothing. “Mom, I understand if you are upset, and totally hate both of us. We didn’t plan this! We didn’t think this would happen.” Silence. “Mom, please talk to us. Say something!”

“I don’t know what to say,” Kimberly looked over at Nancy and Andrew, “You are just a couple of kids. You are freshmen in high school. How could you be so careless?”

“Look, Kimberly, we came to you wanting to see if you could set up a doctor’s appointment to see if she really is pregnant,” Andrew said.

“I should have known! I had a feeling something like this would have happened. Right when Nancy starting dating you! You’re mother got pregnant at sixteen, I’m sure it wasn’t her first time either,” the two teenagers could tell Kimberly was furious.

“Excuse me? You are going to talk about my parents now? Just because we screwed up?” Andrew stood up. He was very protecteive of his family. He wouldn’t stand for it if someone said something bad about them.

“Your whole family is nothing but screw ups!”

“My family? Are you serious? Who was there for Nancy when her father died? Not you. She was at my house just about every day! Crying, wishing you would pay attention to her. But did you? No. You only cared about the money you were going to get after your husband died,” Andrew felt horrible after saying that, but it was the truth, and sometimes, the truth hurts.

“Andrew!” Nancy yelled. She saw her mother heading for the door, “Mom, where are you going?” Her mother didn’t reply. She just walked out the door, slamming it behind her. “I knew this was a bad idea,” Nancy and Andrew headed over to the window. They were looking to see if they could tell where Kimberly went.

“Oh, no! Oh, my gosh!” Andrew said. “She’s going to my house!” Andrew ran out the front door. Kimberly was already on his front porch. She rang the doorbell. “Kimberly, stop, no!”

Allison opened the door, “How can I help you Kimberly?”

“Do you know?” Kimberly asked.

“Do I know what?” Allison asked.

“Kimberly, please,” Andrew begged.

“You, be quiet, little boy,” Kimberly looked over at Andrew.

“Don’t talk to him like that!” Allison said to Kimberly.

“What’s going on here?” Alex walked over to the door.

“So you’re telling me none of you know?” Kimberly asked.

“What is it that you are even asking us if we know?” asked Allison.

Kimberly started clapping, “I’m honored. You guys came to me before you went to your own parents.

“Alex, who is here?” Aaron asked.

“It’s Andrew, Nancy and Nancy’s mom, Kimberly,” Alex replied to his father.

“Well, you better keep that youngest boy of yours under close watch, Allison,” Kimberly said.

“What are you talking about?” Allison asked again.

“You don’t want poor little Aden to turn out to be a screw up like the first three,” Kimberly smiled.

“Excuse me?” Aaron asked.

“Mom, knock it off!” Nancy begged.

“Let’s start with Alex and his habit of making out with his friends girlfriends,” Kimberly looked over at Alex.

“How do you even know about that?” Alex asked.

Angie and Aden went outside to see what all the commotion was, “And then there’s Angie. Dating a boy who hospitalized one of your sons, punches the other one constantly and is like sleeping with the school councilor,” Kimberly looked over at Aden. “Aw, he’s adorable. Promise me you won’t be as stupid as your older brother, Andrew. He’s the most screwed up out of all three of your siblings,” Kimberly looked over at Andrew. “You would think he would be a great kid. I mean, he’s not bad looking, he has good grades, he’s in a ton of sports and is really good at all of them,” Kimberly looked back over at Allison.

“Where are you going with this, Kimberly?” Aaron asked.

“Mom, just go back inside. Stop doing this!” Nancy exclaimed. “I love him. I really do, and there is nothing you can do about it. Yeah, I’m fourteen, you might think I’m crazy for saying I’m in love, but I am. Why can’t you just accept the fact that I’m happy?”

“For the next six months or so, you will be miserable, and I’m not going to care. That’s what you get for being such an idiot!”

“What is wrong with you?”

“We have the worst neighbors, I have felt this way since the day I had met them! I’m finally letting it all out.”

“You know, Dad would’ve handled this so much better than you! I trusted you, Mom. We both did. That’s why we came to you. But you decided to handle this your own way; the way that you look stupid and your only child looses all respect for you!”

“I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve already lost all respect for you. You disgust me, and you are my own daughter! I don’t know why I tried so hard to have you, it wasn’t worth it.” Kimberly walked back to her house.

By now, Alex was furious about what Kimberly had said about him, Angie was mad about what she said about her, Aaron and Allison were furious and confused, Nancy was in tears, Aden was freaked out and Andrew was also very, very mad. He went over to Nancy and put his arms around her. She cried onto his shoulder. All seven of them just stood there in total and complete silence. Then they heard, “Don’t think you are going to be welcomed back in my house, Nancy!” Kimberly was half way out of the window on the second floor.

“What are you doing?” Nancy yelled as she watched her mom throw all of her stuff out the second story window. “That’s all my stuff!”

“You better go get your dog in the backyard before all it’s legs are broken!”

“What? You’re crazy!”

“I’m not kidding either!”

“I’ll go get her,” Andrew said.

“I will go get the dog, Andrew. You and Alex start getting her clothes and whatever else and bring it inside,” Aaron said.

They gathered up all of her stuff and brought it inside. She had a Papillion puppy, her name was Gabby. “Ok, Janna is highly allergic to dogs, so either you are going to have to put it outside or bring it into Angie’s room.” Allison explained. Here, Angie, Alex, Andrew, Aden, could you three help her get all of her stuff upstairs?” After they got everything upstairs, the five teenagers came back downstairs. “We are having a family meeting. Alex, can you go get another chair and bring it in here please?”

“Yeah,” Alex went to go the chair.

Nancy leaned into Andrew and asked, “Is this going to be awkward?”

“Well, my mom passes around the talking stick. You can only talk if you have the talking stick. And if you want the stick, you have to raise your hand after the person who has it is done talking. So I’m going to say it’s going to be very awkward,” Andrew admitted.

Alex came back into the room, put the chair down by the table, and sat in it. “Okay, I’m going to start, than I’m going to pass it to my left. Then everyone is going to say a few words then pass it down. I’m going to start with why Kimberly thinks all my kids except for Aden are screwed up and why she kicked Nancy out,” Allison then passed the talking stick to Aaron.

“Why did Kimberly come to my house and on my property to put down my family and children?” Aaron then passed it to Alex.

“How does she know about me, Derek and Sally?” Alex then passed the stick to Angie.

“She had no right to say anything about any of us. And how does she know what happened with Derek? Who by the way, is not sleeping with the school councilor,” Angie then passed it to Nancy.

“I just want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry my mom came to you house, went on your property, talked about all you guys in the most horrible way and it was uncalled for and I’m sorry. I am the reason your night got ruined,” Nancy gave the stick to Andrew.

“I’m also sorry. And this isn’t your fault Nancy, it’s mine,” Andrew gave the stick to Aden.

“Why did that creepy old lady say I was adorable?” Aden passed the stick to Janna, who passed it to Suzanna, who passed it to Lukas, who then passed it back to Allison.

 “Okay, my question is for Nancy, why did she come here and talk that horribly to my family?” Allison gave Nancy the stick.

“I honestly don’t know why she came here and said anything about Angie or Alex. They are great kids, and she had no right saying that and I am very sorry!”

Nancy gave the stick to Aaron, “My question is for Andrew, why did you go over to Nancy’s house tonight?”

Andrew took the stick from his father. “Well, we had to talk to Kimberly,” Andrew then gave Alex the stick.

“Nancy, how does your mom know that I kissed my best friends girlfriend?” Alex handed Nancy the stick.

“Angie and I were talking about it on the phone the other day. We have more than one house phone, so she might have ease dropped. I don’t honestly know,” Nancy handed the stick to Angie.

“So would you say everything that your mom said about me and Derek she probably ease dropped on as well?” she gave Nancy the stick back.

“It’s possible, I’m honestly not sure,” Nancy realized she was next to ask a question, “I have nothing to ask,” she gave Andrew the stick.

“I have nothing to ask either.”

Andrew gave the stick to Aden, who gave it to Janna, who gave it to Suzanna, who gave it Lukas who said, “So what did you have to talk to Nancy’s mom about, Andrew?”

Lukas gave Andrew the stick, Andrew didn’t say anything. He looked over at Nancy who was staring down at her hands. Then he looked over at Angie, she looked at him then shook her head as if she was saying ‘yes.’ “Well, Lukas, Mom, Dad, Alex, Aden, Janna, Suzanna; me and Nancy made a huge mistake,” Andrew began.

Before he could say anything else, Nancy grabbed the stick out of his hand, stood up and said, “I’m pregnant.”

The End

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