I Have An IdeaMature

“Dang, that boy can punch can’t he?” Suzanna said when she saw the bruise on Alex’s face.

“Yeah, that looks like it hurt a lot!” Janna added.

“I could have taken him if he wouldn’t have caught me off guard,” Alex assured himself.

“Angie! Get down here, honey!” Allison called to her daughter upstairs.

Angie came down the stairs talking on her cell phone. “Hang on just a second,” she said to who ever was on the phone. “Yah, Mom?”

“Who are you talking to?”


“What? I want to talk to that boy! Give me that phone!” Allison took the phone from Angie.

“Mom! No, give me it back!”

Allison ran into the bathroom and locked the door. She started yelling at Derek for punching Alex. Then she came out of the bathroom like a minute later.

“How could you do that?” Angie asked.

“How could he punch your brother? How could you just go on your marry little way knowing he has repetitively hit your brother?”

“Because I was there and I know the reasons why this had to happen!”

“You weren’t there the first time!”

“But I’m aware of what happened!”

“Well what happened this time?”

“Alex accused Derek of cheating on me, Mom!” Angie turned around and ran up the stairs. She called Derek back, “Hey, I’m so sorry about my mom.”

“No, it’s fine. Angie, do you want to meet me tonight?” Derek was determined to see his girlfriend later.

“Um… Like where? And how am I supposed to get out of my house?”

“I have an idea.”

The End

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