So You'd Rather Just Cheat On Her Then?Mature

“Hey, Derek, I’m so sorry about last night. Andrew is more overprotective then Alex even I guess. So, do you want to hang out after school today or something?” Angie asked. Derek didn’t respond. “Derek, what’s wrong?”

"I have never been more embarrassed in my life, Angie. And you wonder why I didn’t want to tell you? I knew something like this would happen if you found out,” Derek closed his locker and started walking away.

“Don’t walk away! Can’t we talk about this?”

“What’s there to talk about?”

"What do you mean by that?”

“I mean we have nothing to talk about, Angie. I’m going to be late for class.”

“Not fair! You can’t just leave me with that! Are you mad at me or something?”

“Not you. You didn’t tell Nancy or Andrew. Besides, I should have never told Alex a long time ago. None of this would have ever happened if he didn’t know.” Derek kissed Angie on the cheek, “Don’t be late for class.”

After first period, Angie saw Andrew at his locker. She walked over by him, “Look, you have to talk to Derek. Tell him you are sorry or something.”

“I’m not sorry. Where did you get that bruise on your arm from?”

“Not from Derek. You know that I wouldn’t be stupid like that! If he was hurting me I wouldn’t be dating him.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You think you’re all cool with your junior boyfriend.”

“Listen here, Andrew, I would never lay a hand on your sister. I would never do anything to hurt her. And if you can’t trust that then how are we supposed to be happy together? She supports you and Nancy, why can’t you just support me and her?” Derek said. Then he looked over at Angie and said, “See you at lunch,” then he walked away.

“See, Andrew. He would never hurt me,” Angie said. “I have to get to class. Will you sit by me and Derek at lunch? It would mean a lot to him.”

“Fine, as long as Alex and Nancy get to,” Andrew said.


When lunchtime finally came around, Andrew and Nancy walked over to the table that Angie and Derek were at. Just about ten minutes after that Alex came.

“Where have you been?” Andrew asked as Alex sat down.

“Places. I’m here now though,” Alex said. Then he looked over at Angie, “Why am I here now?”

“I want to make up to Derek for what happened at dinner the other night. I felt bad about how it ended. Since we are the only ones at this school that can be at this lunch table, this is our new ‘dinner.’ And we could just forget about what happened the other night,” Angie said.

“Forget about it?” Derek said.


“How could we just forget about this, Angie? Yeah, alright now all you guys know how my life is. I didn’t want anyone to ever know that! What went on in my life was my choice. You might think I’m dumb or whatever for not getting out of that situation for seven years, but I was afraid. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me if I turned him in. But I know one thing, I never want anyone to have to live through what I had to live through. So when you assumed that I was hurting Angie, I was furious! I went through that for seven years. I would never want Angie to go through that.”

“So you’d rather just cheat on her then?” Alex butted in.

“Do what now?”

“I know about your other girlfriend.”

“What are you talking about?” Derek stood up.

"I know that you’re cheating on her. I know about it all,” Alex stood up. The two boys walked toward each other.

“You know all about what? I’m not cheating on her! I would never do that! I would never sink to your level, Anderson. Remember Sally?” the boys’ faces were about an inch away from each others at this point. Derek backed away from Alex and began heading out of the lunch room.

“I bet he’s on his way to see his secret lover right now.”

Derek turned around walk over to Alex and punched him right in the face. Alex wasn’t expecting it at all. He fell to the floor. Derek turned around and walk to the principal’s office.

The End

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