Then I'm Sleeping In The Living RoomMature

“Hey, I thought you left,” Derek said to Angie. He waited for her response. When there wasn’t one, “Are you mad at me or something?” was what he said.

"I can’t talk to you any more, Derek,” Angie began. “I’m sorry. I really do like you, but my brother…”

“Your brother hates me, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, why does that have to stop us from being friends? I mean think about it. What if Paris Hilton and Ashley Tisdale were friends, then they got into a little fight and NAshley started hanging out with Paris’ brother? Wait does Paris even have a brother?”

  “Little fight? You gave my brother black eye, Derek. You call that a little fight?”

“You believe that crap, Angie?”

“Yes, Derek. I can’t talk to you,” Angie turned but Derek grabbed her arm and pulled her back around.

“Angie please, just because your brother doesn’t like me doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with me.”

“Yes, it does. Now could you let go of my arm.”

“Oh, sorry,” Derek apologized so sweetly. Angie didn’t want to stop talking to him completely, but she felt as if she had no choice.

“Well, I guess I will see you around, Derek.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he put his hand out for Angie to shake. She took his hand in hers and shook it. She really didn’t want to let go, but she knew she had to. She turned around and walked off to her last class of the day.

When it was time to go home, Angie decided to ride the bus instead of have Alex drive her. She didn’t want to deal with him. He called her phone but she didn’t answer. She immediately texted him and put ‘I’M ON THE BUS.’ He texted her back and said ‘WHY?’ She texted him back and put ‘WHY DO YOU THINK?’ After that she didn’t get a response. She was actually kind of relieved her brother didn’t text her back. It was her first day and her brother had already ruined it for her. She didn’t want to go back.

When the bus finally arrived at home, Angie was almost too afraid to go inside. When she got up to the front door, she took a deep breath before she opened it. When she stepped inside she said, “I’m home.” She didn’t hear anything, “Hello?” she said. She walked into the kitchen. There she found her mom, her dad, Aden, Alex and Andrew. The all looked at her. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes, Angela. Something is very wrong,” Allison told her daughter.

“What is it?”

"Your Aunt Hailey and Uncle Richard got into a very bad car crash.”

“What? Are they alright?”

“We aren’t sure about Aunt Hailey.”

“Uncle Richard?”

“He’s gone sweetie. I’m so sorry.”

“When is it?”

“When is what, darling?” her mother asked.

“The funeral; when is it?”

“Well, we don’t know. Aunt Hailey isn’t out of the hospital yet.”

“And what happens if she dies?”

“Then me and your father get to choose the funeral arrangements.”

“Mom and Dad said they are going to take in Lukas, Janna and Suzanna,” Aden explained. Those were Richard’s children from his first marriage.

“Who will be staying with us starting tomorrow,” Allison added.

“The girls aren’t staying in my room, Mom,” Angie protested.

“Angela Katelyn Anderson!” Allison said.

“Ooo, she used your full name,” Aden leaned in to Angie.

“Shut up, Pipsqueak!” Angie said.

“Angie, their father just died. The least you could do is share your room with them,” Allison said to her daughter.

“But Mom…”

“Angie. You are letting them stay in your room.”

“Fine. Then I’m sleeping in the living room!” Angie turned around and walked away.

“Are you going to let her talk to you like that?” Aden asked his mother.

“Go away, Aden,” his mother replied.

“Why does everyone say that to me?”

“Because your annoying, sweetie. No offense.”

“You say that, but I'm still offended. I’m going to go in my room.”

“Have fun.”

The End

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