Two Years LaterMature

“I can’t believe that we made it, Andrew!” Angie said as they walked through the doors to the high school. “It seems like just yesterday we started middle school.”

“Um… I’m glad that we are done with middle school. All the girls here are older,” Andrew looked over to left, “and hotter!”

"You’re ridiculous. Don’t you remember Nancy, your girlfriend? You guys have been going out too long for you to screw it up now!”

“Shut up! I can say that other girls are hot. I’m sure she thinks that other guys are. Speaking of hot girls,” Andrew looked down the hall and saw Nancy coming his way.

“Hey, sexy,” Nancy said to Andrew as she leaned in and kissed him.

“I’m going to leave you two love birds alone. See you at lunch, Andrew,” Angie said. She began walking down the hallway looking for her locker. “119, 119…”

“119? As in your locker number?” a voice said from behind her.

She turned around, “Yeah, do you know where that is?”

“Well, I think I do considering my locker is 117.” They walked down the hall and took a right, “119, here you are.

“Well, thank you. My first day and I already have cute guys showing me around. Am I good or what?” they both laughed. The boy leaned up against the wall next to Angie’s locker. He asked her what her schedule was, “I have English, World Geography, Geometry, 2nd Lunch and Art today.”

“Oh, so you’re a math geek.”

“Ha, ha… you’re so funny,” Angie said sarcastically.

Alex was walking down the hall and happened to see Angie talking to this boy. He started walking over there, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Back off Anderson, I’m just welcoming the freshmen. Just showing them around,” the boy said.

Alex grabbed the boy’s collar and shoved him into the wall, “You better leave my little sister alone before I break your neck.”

“Alex stop!” Angie said.

A teacher headed over towards the 3 teenagers, “Is there a problem here?”

“No, Mrs. Nimple,” Alex let go of the boy, “everything’s just fine.”

“Good, now get to class before the bell rings. You have 2 minutes, now move along.”

“I’m not kidding, leave her alone,” Alex said to the boy.

 The boy ignored Alex, “See you at lunch,” he said to Angie. And he walked away.

“What is wrong with you?” Angie asked Alex.

 “I don’t want you to hang out with him, that’s all,” Alex said calmly without even looking at his sister.

“And why not?”

“Because that’s Derek, Angie,” Alex raised his voice a little bit. Then he looked down and said, “Just promise me you won’t hang out with him.”

The bell rang, “I can’t make that promise, Alex. I’m late for class,” Angie said and she walked away.

The End

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